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Tag: RELEASE_2_10_0
Commits on Nov 16, 2010
  1. @leto
  2. Fix ftp.path.

    tcurtis authored
  3. @leto
  4. Release 2.10.0!

    tcurtis authored
  5. @fperrad

    [t] fix the nigthmare CRLF on Windows

    fperrad authored
    (I work with git config core.autocrlf=true)
  6. @fperrad

    [win32] move WINVER check from misc.h to begin.c

    fperrad authored
    like in original patch (see TT#1846)
  7. @leto
  8. @leto
  9. @leto
  10. @leto

    Add a link for PL/Parrot in NEWS

    leto authored
  11. @leto
  12. @leto
  13. @leto

    Add some meat to our NEWS burrito

    leto authored
Commits on Nov 15, 2010
  1. @GeJ

    Regenerate MANIFEST.SKIP

    GeJ authored
  2. @fperrad
  3. fix build on windows. I don't think there is such a thing as 'w32api.…

    unknown authored
    …h'. It would be 'win32api.h' or, what I used, 'windows.h'
  4. @fperrad

    Clean & fix .gitignore

    fperrad authored
  5. @coke

    pull in latest changes from

    coke authored
    (our macport users are now only 1 supported release behind)
  6. @bacek

    Fix .gitignore

    bacek authored
  7. @fperrad
  8. @fperrad
  9. @GeJ
Commits on Nov 14, 2010
  1. @leto

    Merge branch 'git_release_json'

    leto authored
  2. @leto
  3. @leto
  4. @moritz
  5. @mikehh

    fix test to conform to config/auto/

    mikehh authored
    the test requires 7 hex digits (only 5 were provided) conforming to the
    regex /^REL(EASE)?_\d+_\d+_\d+-\d+-g[0-9A-Fa-f]{7}$/ and also fix copyright
  6. @fperrad
  7. @fperrad
  8. @fperrad
  9. @fperrad

    [harness] uses $PConfig{sha1}

    fperrad authored
  10. @fperrad

    [config] improve test & diag

    fperrad authored
  11. @fperrad
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