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Commits on Dec 28, 2010
  1. @coke

    Remove now-redundant .mak variable.

    coke committed
  2. @coke

    Fix same bug that was cut/pasted from auto::pmc

    coke committed
    Add note about merging this dependency check into checkdepend.t
  3. @coke


    coke committed
  4. @coke

    Fix very old typo

    coke committed
    Since we were never checking dependencies, we never noticed that this code
    and the pmc2c code were doing 2 different things.
    - checkdepend.t passes again (now with no .c skips)
  5. @coke

    Track cases where our include includes.

    coke committed
    (only 1, so cheat.)
  6. @coke

    move PMC_H_FILES into the pmc dep generator.

    coke committed
    lets us de-dup more elements
    add some more dynamic reqs.
    * down to 4 failures in
  7. @coke

    every PMC has this as a dep.

    coke committed
    (safe now that we de-dup)
  8. @coke

    Minor fixups on calculated dependency paths.

    coke committed
    - don't bother scanning <> includes at all.
  9. @coke

    remove debug output

    coke committed
  10. @coke
  11. @coke
  12. @coke

    remove init::headers config step

    coke committed
    hardcode include directory here instead of config step.
    Removing NONGEN headers entirely still passes checkdepend.t
    and the build works at a high -j.
  13. @nwellnhof

    Experimental make target quickcover_new

    nwellnhof committed
    New approach to fix make cover on different platforms. The script
    tools/dev/ is called from make to generate the report.
  14. @coke

    Check deps for src/string/encoding

    coke committed
    (and make them all pass)
  15. @coke
  16. @coke

    check dependencies on new frontend/ TLD too

    coke committed
    (and make them all pass)
  17. @nwellnhof

    Revert make cover changes

    nwellnhof committed
  18. @nwellnhof

    Remove gcov -p option

    nwellnhof committed
    This should fix make cover for older versions of Devel::Cover. But
    some gcov files will now be overwritten.
  19. @nwellnhof

    Fix make cover dependencies

    nwellnhof committed
  20. @nwellnhof
  21. @mikehh

    replace concat_s_sc opcode

    mikehh committed
  22. @mikehh

    replace concat_s_sc opcode

    mikehh committed
  23. @nwellnhof
  24. @mikehh
  25. @mikehh
  26. @nwellnhof
  27. @nwellnhof

    Merge branch 'master' into nwellnhof/string_unescape

    nwellnhof committed
Commits on Dec 27, 2010
  1. @nwellnhof

    Fixes to the make cover targets

    nwellnhof committed
    - Run gcov from build dir to make it find and include the source code
    - Make HTML report generated with Devel::Cover optional
    - Work around Debian bug #535755
    - Pass -no-gcov to cover, we run gcov and gcov2perl ourselves
    - Set default database for quickcover to cover_db
    - Make quickcover run 'make test_core' to improve coverage
    - Use the same source directories for quickcover
  2. @mikehh
  3. @cotto
  4. @cotto

    add mattrajca++ to CREDITS

    cotto committed
  5. @mattrajca @cotto

    Increased test coverage for embed/strings.c

    mattrajca committed with cotto
    Signed-off-by: Christoph Otto <>
  6. @cotto

    Merge branch 'fbrito-gci-hook'

    cotto committed
  7. @fernandobrito @cotto
  8. @fernandobrito @cotto
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