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Commits on Dec 11, 2010
  1. @chromatic

    Added the first Lorito M0 ops as dynops.

    chromatic authored
    This is mostly a skeleton file for now, but we can add M0 ops to it and start
    experimenting with them.  Note that Lorito's M0 C<noop> conflicts with Parrot's
    existing C<noop>, so I've called the M0 op C<m0_noop> for the time being.
  2. @mikehh

    re-generate MANIFEST.SKIP

    mikehh authored
  3. @NotFound
  4. @cotto

    add some new files to .gitignore

    cotto authored
  5. @nol888


    nol888 authored
  6. @nol888

    Refactor packfile core files. Modify makefile templates to account fo…

    nol888 authored
    …r change.
    packfile.c -> api.c
    pmc_freeze.c -> object_serialization.c
    packout.c -> output.c
  7. @mikehh

    fix codetest failures

    mikehh authored
    add copyright line and add coda
    fix platform-specific perl shebang line
    replace hard tabs
  8. @mikehh

    re-generate MANIFEST

    mikehh authored
  9. @NotFound
  10. @NotFound

    DRY a bit Hash PMC

    NotFound authored
  11. @jkeenan
  12. @jkeenan
  13. @cotto

    Moved various files from /src to /frontend

    Tony Young authored cotto committed
  14. @Whiteknight
  15. @Whiteknight
  16. @Whiteknight
  17. @cotto

    add minimal POD

    cotto authored
  18. @cotto
  19. @NotFound
  20. @leto

    [doc] News tweaks

    leto authored
  21. @leto

    [doc] Spanish translation of README by pitoco++

    leto authored
    This is a Spanish translation of our README by a Google Code-In
    student. Thanks to all the mentors that helped the student
    improve this translation, especially NotFound++.
  22. @Whiteknight
  23. @Whiteknight
Commits on Dec 10, 2010
  1. @nol888
  2. @nol888
  3. @mikehh

    add Copyright line and coda at end

    mikehh authored
    some documentation is needed
  4. @nol888
  5. @sygi @nol888

    tiny corrects

    sygi authored nol888 committed
    Signed-off-by: Jonathan "Duke" Leto <>
  6. @leto @nol888

    Add NEWS item about README translations

    leto authored nol888 committed
  7. @sygi @nol888

    tiny corrects

    sygi authored nol888 committed
    Signed-off-by: Jonathan "Duke" Leto <>
  8. @sygi @nol888

    polish translation of README

    sygi authored nol888 committed
    Signed-off-by: Jonathan "Duke" Leto <>
  9. @cotto @nol888
  10. @nol888

    remove whitespace

    Gerd Pokorra authored nol888 committed
  11. @plobsing @nol888


    plobsing authored nol888 committed
  12. @plobsing @nol888
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