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branch: gci_fill_param…
Commits on Jan 8, 2011
  1. @mattrajca
Commits on Jan 7, 2011
  1. @bacek
  2. @cotto
  3. @cotto

    Merge branch 'gci_todotest' of

    cotto authored
    …into fbrito-todo-test-fix
  4. @mikehh
  5. @fernandobrito
  6. @nwellnhof

    Fix dependencies of PBC_TEST_FILES

    nwellnhof authored
    This makes 'make -j2 test' work from clean build dir and makes sure that
    the test files are regenerated after a new build.
  7. @mikehh

    update copyright

    mikehh authored
  8. @mikehh

    correct wrong ASSERT_ARGS

    mikehh authored
  9. @nwellnhof
  10. @nwellnhof
  11. @nwellnhof
  12. @nwellnhof

    [io] Change PIO_READ arguments to raw buffer

    nwellnhof authored
    This avoids creation of a string header in Parrot_io_read_buffer
    and simplifies the code.
  13. @nwellnhof
  14. @nwellnhof
  15. @mikehh

    re-generate MANIFEST

    mikehh authored
  16. @cotto

    Merge branch 'gci_todotest'

    cotto authored
  17. @cotto
  18. @nwellnhof

    [io] Make portable IO code almost compile again

    nwellnhof authored
    ops2c hangs during build with the portable IO code, might be related
    to mmap.
  19. @fernandobrito
  20. @cotto

    Merge branch 'gci_todotest' of

    cotto authored
    …into fernandobrito-gci_todotest
  21. @Whiteknight

    move all named parameter count-checking error code into a separate fu…

    Whiteknight authored
    …nction. We don't special case functions with 0 named paramters any more.
  22. @fernandobrito
  23. @fernandobrito
  24. @fernandobrito
  25. @fernandobrito
  26. @fernandobrito
  27. @fernandobrito
  28. @fernandobrito
  29. @fernandobrito
  30. @fernandobrito
  31. @cotto
  32. @cotto

    Merge branch 'kapace/objectify_md5' of

    cotto authored
    … into kapace-kapace/objectify_md5
  33. @fernandobrito
  34. @fernandobrito
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