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Commits on Aug 16, 2011
  1. @dafrito

    Removed a overeager test for the next tagname

    dafrito authored
    commit e161572705 in git://
        Fixed a bug in Pod::Simple::HTML where a definition term item with no
        corresponding definition item would be output with no closing </a></dt>. (RT #
        37107 from Kevin Ryde).
  2. @dafrito
  3. @dafrito
  4. @dafrito
  5. @dafrito
  6. @dafrito
  7. @dafrito

    Use print instead of printf

    dafrito authored
  8. @dafrito
  9. @dafrito
  10. @dafrito
  11. @dafrito

    update SUPPORT sections in Pod::Simple

    dafrito authored
    * Bumped copyrights
    * Updated credits in each section
    * Elaborated on contact information
  12. @dafrito
  13. @dafrito
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