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Apr 15, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    Release 6.3.0 (supported release)

    No core or build changes since 6.2.0, just tests and benchmarks
    authored April 15, 2014
  2. Reini Urban

    [test] add t/steps/auto/expect-01.t configure step test

    authored April 15, 2014

Apr 01, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    [test] skip IPv6 socket tests without IPv6, fixes #1068

    There are systems without INET6 family support at all. It is a kernel option afterall.
    Thanks to basiliscos for reporting
    authored April 01, 2014

Mar 20, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    [test] skip t/codingstd/pod_syntax.t if Capture::Tiny is missing

    detected by my cygwin64 smoker, but this is a general problem
    authored March 20, 2014
  2. Reini Urban

    [test] cannot test stat on cygwin64 GH #1066

    authored March 20, 2014
  3. Reini Urban

    [test] fix rounding of benchmarks seconds

    some OS have no hires timings on benchmarks.
    thus not all floats are printed with a ., esp. on cygwin.
    GH #1066.
    "0 seconds. 4000 lops/sec"
    authored March 20, 2014
  4. Reini Urban

    [test] t/dynoplibs/debug.t

    skip debug_break only on windows.
    test okay on darwin, cygwin, cygwin64 and linux.
    authored March 20, 2014
  5. Reini Urban

    [test] remove failing and wrong cygwin test

    02-install_files.t assumed old cygwin 1.5 coreutils behaviour,
    skipping phony over phony.exe.
    This test fails on current cygwin and cygwin64 systems with:
    not ok 15 - Production, so 2 files created; 1 file passed over
       Failed test 'Production, so 2 files created; 1 file passed over'
       at t/tools/install/02-install_files.t line 230.
              got: '3'
         expected: '2'
    removed the wrong test.
    authored March 20, 2014
  6. Reini Urban

    [test] fix prev. test on windows. need cmd /c for pipes

    authored March 19, 2014
  7. Reini Urban

    [test] add testcase for openpip with Env GH #1065

    already works. Thanks to pmichaud
    authored March 19, 2014

Mar 19, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    [test] --update-fingerprint for current native pbcs

    to avoid test todos
    authored March 19, 2014

Mar 16, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    [test] remove stale files from t/codingstd/pmc_docs.t

    authored March 16, 2014
  2. James E Keenan

    Fix pod syntax errors in files written in Perl 5.

    authored March 15, 2014

Mar 10, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    [test] skip wrong pod tests

    tools/dev/ and lib/IO/ contain invalid pod
    which fail with the stricter podchecker
    authored March 10, 2014
  2. Paul Cochrane

    [t] correcting pod errors found by podchecker

    authored March 08, 2014 rurban committed March 10, 2014
  3. Paul Cochrane

    [codingstd] checking C headers for line length violations

    authored March 09, 2014 rurban committed March 10, 2014

Mar 09, 2014

  1. Paul Cochrane

    [codingstd] removing exceptions for SVN Id tags

    Subversion is no longer used in this project and thus the exceptions for the
    svn Id: tag within the test code can be removed.
    authored March 09, 2014

Mar 08, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    [docs] fix most podchecker issues

    at least the valid ones. podchecker warns about valid
    L<name|link> tags.
    See podchecker docs/*.pod docs/*/*.pod (not the book)
    See also GH #1053 to use Pod::Checker in the test and
    GH #1054 to relax the fill-column: 100 coda to allow 78
    also, to write valid pod.
    authored March 08, 2014

Mar 07, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    fix clang optimizer increment issue GH #774

    have to use volatile scratch registers in Parrot_Integer_increment_orig to avoid
    skipping overflow sementics: -1 => MAXINT
    fixes t/pmc/bigint.t test negate_min_integer
    authored March 06, 2014

Mar 06, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    [test] skip invalid -O2 test [GH #1049]

    t/compilers/imcc/syn/regressions.t contains testing for a run-time exception
    which is optimized away by constant propagation and then used_once
    at compile-time with -O2.
    $ ./parrot -d1040 -O2 t/compilers/imcc/syn/regressions_2.pir
    used once deleted 0x2289920 div $I1, 1, 0
    used once deleted 0x228a0f0 div $N1, 1.0, 0.0
    code_size(ops) 17  old_size 0
    0 push_eh_ic	0x251d6c0 push_eh ok1
    2 pop_eh	0x251d9d0 pop_eh
    3 print_sc 0	0x251db30 print "not "
    5 say_sc 2	0x251dd30 say "ok 1 - caught div_i_ic_ic exception"
    7 push_eh_ic	0x251de90 push_eh ok2
    9 pop_eh	0x251e1a0 pop_eh
    10 print_sc 0	0x251e260 print "not "
    12 say_sc 1	0x251e430 say "ok 2 - caught div_n_nc_nc exception"
    14 set_returns_pc 0	0x251ed60 set_returns
    16 returncc	0x251ede0 returncc
    authored March 06, 2014

Mar 05, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    [test] fix t/src/extend_vtable.t duplicate PMCNULL symbol (darwin)

    fixes GH #1048.
    authored March 05, 2014
  2. Reini Urban

    [test] ignore smolder upload failures on make smoke

    and smolder_fulltest. fixes GH #1040. Travis should now be useful again
    authored March 05, 2014
  3. Reini Urban

    [config] support __builtin_expect LIKELY/UNLIKELY branch optimizations

    add EXPECT,LIKELY,UNLIKELY macros to feature.h as in the linux kernel and perl5
    probe for __builtin_expect() support in a new auto::expect configure step
    Usage: if (UNLIKELY(var == 0)) fail();
    Add emacs mode:c support for files, and relax the coda test for this.
    Should be used in all files.
    authored March 04, 2014
  4. Reini Urban

    fix TT #1930, optimized ppc: n mod 0.0 failure

    we need to use volatile temporaries really with such floats.
    Fixes t/op/number.t test 50
    authored March 05, 2014

Mar 02, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    [test] fixup last test messages

    authored March 01, 2014
  2. Reini Urban

    [test] add 2 testcases to t/compilers/imcc/syn/const.t

    #1024 TODO
    and #996 fixed.
    Thanks to zefram for the testcases
    authored March 01, 2014

Feb 28, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    [imcc] Fixed last remaining -O2 issue #1044 t/pmc/exception-old_19.pir

    Stop constant propagation at yield or invokecc for possible
    push_eh/pop_eh non-local effects. This can undo the set of the constant
    See t/pmc/exception-old_19.pir:
    cont = test() contains a push_eh, and the subsequent pop_eh at cont() changes
    the value of the constant redux from 0 back to 1. So constant propagation for
    redux=0 cannot delete "if redux goto done" and the done branch.
    authored February 28, 2014
  2. Reini Urban

    [imcc] fix -O2 empty ins->next in used_once [GH #1042]

    If the deleted op leads to the last op, which has no op->next
    break the used_once loop.
    Fixes GH #1042 t/op/exit_6.pasm
        set I0, 0 # used_once => deleted
    authored February 28, 2014
  3. Reini Urban

    [imcc] fix -O2 check types in constant propagation #1043

    set reg, const is only a valid const setter ifregx and const have the same type,
    otherwise the type are coerced, like set N0, 1 or set I1, 1.5.
    Do not propagate such values.
    Fixes t/op/jitn_13.pir [GH #1043]
    authored February 27, 2014
  4. Reini Urban

    [test] TODO the 3 remaining failing -O2 tests

    Each one with a ticket. Still trying to fix them though.
    Looks easy enough.
    Add -O2 to t/fullharness. Save to run now, to detect further
    authored February 27, 2014

Feb 27, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    [immc] Fixed -O1. Special-case get_global for branch_cond_loop_swap [GH

    See #1037 for the nci problem.
    I couldn't see any logical problem with the attempted optimization
    add I0,1 vs inc I0 tested ok.
    just a get_global_p with if_p_ic P4,out converted to unless_p_ic P4,loop
    was problematic, so we skip optimizing such loops.
    get_global has no type attached, so we need to STREQ
    added a IMCC_debug DEBUG_OPT1 notice for this case.
    authored February 27, 2014
  2. Reini Urban

    [test] TODO remaining failing -O1 nci tests [GH #1037]

    mark the 4 failing -O1 nci tests as TODO
    authored February 27, 2014
  3. Reini Urban

    [imcc] fix -O2 used_once: keep side-effecting ops #1036

    allow used_once elimination only for purely functional ops
    without side-effects.
    Fixes t/compilers/imcc/reg/alloc.t test 2 alligator 2 - r9629
          t/compilers/imcc/reg/spill_old.t test 1 bug \#32996
    and some more.
    set ITPUREFUNC in the parser, as this is the best place to find them:
    logical un_op and null; artithmetic bin_op and assign_op
    authored February 26, 2014
  4. Reini Urban

    [test] disable --run-exec test in t/pharness/02-get_test_prog_args.t

    this option is disabled
    authored February 26, 2014
  5. Reini Urban

    [test] add -O1 to fulltest targets

    t/fullharness runs now -O1 also, -O2 not yet
    authored February 26, 2014
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