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Commits on Mar 29, 2012
  1. @bacek

    Fix get_next_context accessor

    bacek authored
  2. @bacek
  3. @bacek

    Add CallContext.temporary_context to preserve existing behaviour of C…

    bacek authored
    …allContext creation on caller side
  4. @bacek
  5. @bacek
  6. @bacek

    Fix CallContext.clone

    bacek authored
  7. @bacek

    Borrow Signature.clone

    bacek authored
  8. @bacek

    Add stub for Signature.clone()

    bacek authored
  9. @bacek
  10. @bacek
  11. @Whiteknight @bacek

    Move typedefs and macro defs into the header file. This fixes the bui…

    Whiteknight authored bacek committed
    …ld for me on clang
  12. @bacek
  13. @bacek
  14. @bacek
  15. @bacek
  16. @bacek

    Fix few typos

    bacek authored
  17. @bacek
  18. @bacek

    Stylish reorder of perldoc

    bacek authored
  19. @bacek
  20. @bacek
  21. @bacek

    Add new Parrot_Signature struct.

    bacek authored
    Signature will hold parameters for PCC call. This allows us:
    1. Encapsulate handling of signatures with proper functions instead of
    tight VTABLE interface.
    2. Move signature between different CallContexts.
    3. Properly implement allocation of CallContext on callee side. Which is
    free performance boost for tailcalls due reduced GC pressure.
    4. Split Singature using VTABLE-like interface for OpSingature and
    CSignature. Which should give us some performance boost with avoiding
    unnessesary marshalling.
Commits on Mar 28, 2012
  1. @NotFound
  2. @petdance
  3. @petdance
  4. @petdance

    removed unnecessary casts

    petdance authored
  5. @petdance

    consting a local var

    petdance authored
Commits on Mar 27, 2012
  1. @NotFound

    update winxed snapshot to 1.7.devel a990cfe

    NotFound authored
    Fix default values
  2. @petdance
Commits on Mar 26, 2012
  1. @petdance

    0 need not be cast to (int)

    petdance authored
  2. @petdance
  3. @petdance
  4. @jkeenan
  5. @petdance

    Parrot_pa_is_owned() is not something for public consumption, and doe…

    petdance authored
    …s not use the interp, so get rid of the interp as an argument. Also, all arguments to the function can be consted.
  6. @petdance
  7. @petdance


    petdance authored
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