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Commits on Jan 3, 2013
  1. @rurban
  2. @rurban
  3. @rurban
  4. @rurban
  5. @rurban

    [codingstd][GH #851] Add missing (C) lines to POD

    rurban authored
    Also update README_win32.pod content
  6. @rurban

    [codingstd][GH #851] Adapt copyright.t tests to POD files

    rurban authored
    skip book chapters since they contain an extra README.pod
    skip empty t/tools/install/testlib/docs
    skip bad_format test for bundled lib/Pod/*.pod since they are (C) with same terms as Perl.
    skip duplicate (C) tests in .pod as they usually have the header plus a COPYRIGHT paragraph
  7. @rurban

    [GH #851] Add pod_source_files to Parrot::Distribution and t/codingst…

    rurban authored
    This leads to several errors in the copyright.t tests
  8. @rurban

    [codingstd] nci_test.c sig doc

    rurban authored
  9. @rurban

    [GH #904] Allow void as valid arg sig, fix nci_pv, add test

    rurban authored
    The previous nci_pv fix did compile, but not work, this sets up the call pmc properly.
  10. @jkeenan
Commits on Jan 2, 2013
  1. @jkeenan

    [codingstd] Remove trailing whitespace.

    jkeenan authored
    Also: update MANIFEST.SKIP.
  2. @jkeenan

    [config] Two variable renamings were apparently missed

    jkeenan authored
    during 241eeea on Jan
    01 2013.  Correcting them.
  3. @rurban
  4. @rurban

    [GH #897] Use --dynext for src/glut_nci_thunks.c, fix decl, check --core

    rurban authored
    --core already has the two loader declarations in include/parrot/nci.h.
    omit the duplicate dynext loader declaration, it was moved the the HEADERIZER section.
    regenerate the core nci thunk c files,
    do not warn on dups on glut_nci, there will be most likely duplicates, core should have none instead.
  5. @rurban

    Fix src/nci/extra_thunks Makefile rules

    rurban authored
    Add ChangeLog for GH #897, #904
    Follow the renaming of src/extra_nci_thunks.c to src/nci/extra_thunks.c to
    check the proper dependencies.
  6. @rurban

    [GH #904, #897] nci_thunk_gen v0.02: fix sig "p v", add declaration

    rurban authored
    Add test for bug #904. Wrong arguments for void sig.
    void use empty arguments calls and do not need to handle call_object overhead.
    [GH #897] Add declaration of the nci loader function, for the static nci
    functions not yet.
  7. @rurban
  8. @rurban

    [examples] Update QT nci examples

    rurban authored
    Replace t by S, simplify PQt.cpp cmdline doc
  9. @rurban

    [docs] update pdd16_native_call.pod

    rurban authored
    Replace sig t by S (string).
  10. @rurban

    [GH #903] Rename dynext_libs to dynext_dirs

    rurban authored
    For consistency with the other config *dir entries.
    Note that nqp also has now a --dynext-paths option.
  11. @rurban

    [GH #902] Support multiple paths in PARROT_LIBRARY, PARROT_INCLUDE

    rurban authored
    Fixed conflict:
  12. @rurban
  13. @rurban
  14. @rurban

    [GH #302] reword last test

    rurban authored
  15. @rurban
  16. @rurban

    [GH #302] special windows fixes, path_guarantee_trailing_separator

    rurban authored
    windows adds ./ to dynext to be explicit about the windows loadlib order (which does this)
    Ensure trailing_separator during configuration and init.
  17. @rurban

    [GH #302] new config dynext_libs, new ENV var PARROT_DYNEXT, new add_…

    rurban authored
    On some systems a special library dir is in the cc library search, or added by -L to the libpath
    but this path is missing from the loader configuration, so runtime dlopen attempts will fail.
    Most prominently pcre on macports or fink, missing /opt/local/lib.
    Hints may add a new key dynext_libs to add such a path to DYNEXT for loadlib.
    Also provide a new PARROT_DYNEXT to manually set such paths for the runtime.
    Add a helper function add_env_paths() to add multiple paths from an enviroment variable
    to some library search path. Currently PARROT_INCLUDE and PARROT_LIBRARY only accept one path element.
    (See #903)
  18. @rurban

    [GH #641] Renable line-directives for pmc

    rurban authored
    line directives point to the real errors in the original source.
    The generated c file is sorted. Rather fix debugging problems if there are any.
  19. @rurban

    [GH #903] Fix first MANIFEST.generated lines on i386, sun4, ppc

    rurban authored
    Add Parrot::Configure->add_to_generated() method, forwarding to Parrot::BuildUtil::add_to_generated,
    used in some auto::cpu probes. Do not pollute the probes with use Parrot::BuildUtil.
  20. @rurban
  21. switch the year output from 2012 to 2013

    gerd authored
  22. @petdance
  23. @rurban

    [cage] GH #905 Do not add apple -Wno-long-double with custom --cc=

    rurban authored
    to avoid non-standard cc warnings about -Wno-long-double being ignored.
    Also rename $flagsref to $flags.
Commits on Jan 1, 2013
  1. switch the year output form 2012 to 2013

    gerd authored
Commits on Dec 31, 2012
  1. @rurban

    [cage][GH #890] Do not install test dynpmcs: foo,foo2,foo_group,rotes…

    rurban authored
    Do not install those headers nor shared libs
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