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Commits on May 26, 2011
@leto leto Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into leto/embed_grant 67b4080
Commits on May 27, 2011
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_is_equal_string 3dc8249
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_i_floor_divide 8923e21
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_i_floor_divide_float f69fe31
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_i_divide_int 028299b
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_i_divide_float 1cbdea9
@leto leto Fix the Parrot_PMC_is_equal_string test d6726f8
@leto leto Merge branch 'master' into leto/embed_grant 048156b
@leto leto Remove antiquated comments 983e276
@leto leto [t] Fix Parrot_PMC_i_floor_divide test d41c2da
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_i_floor_divide_int b2db6d4
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_modulus_int 7289594
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_modulus_float 2722766
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_i_modulus_float 334b8d1
@leto leto Correct our test plan 2138979
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_isa and Parrot_PMC_getprops 5ec95d9
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_init d2b1bbe
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_init_int f2c946a
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_name 8082601
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_inspect 80a277b
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_inspect_str bc4be52
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_morph e8495b8
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_isa_pmc 970a59e
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_init_pmc 951c3d3
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_set_pmc_keyed_str 9a2441c
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_set_number_keyed_str e42c748
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_set_integer_keyed_str edc217c
@leto leto Correct our test plan c5e7208
@leto leto Fix POD typo 9fe6f8e
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_(get|set)_attr_keyed 20f41fb
@leto leto Remove Parrot_PMC_invoke from the extend vtable API 44a9634
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_(get|set)_attr_str 70ebe91
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_instantiate 271d5be
Commits on May 28, 2011
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_i_repeat(_int) dba2c0f
@leto leto [t] Parrot_PMC_repeat(_int) b735ced
@leto leto Merge branch 'leto/embed_grant' 8c04cc3
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