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Commits on Oct 28, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight code cleanup in scheduler.c. Add const to give the optimizer a fighti…
…ng chance. Remove some dead code
@Whiteknight Whiteknight remove CX_DEBUG flag and all related debugging messages. Most of thes…
…e are old and not in places that make sense for the current system. We can re-add in debugging/dumping functionality later as needed
@Whiteknight Whiteknight cleanup Scheduler.pmc and Task.pmc. Add const for the optimizer. Fix …
…a bug in Scheduler.active_tasks() involving a bad PCC call.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight rename Parrot_task_current to Parrot_cx_current_task for pleasantness…
…. Remove some old, dead, message-related code.
@mlschroe mlschroe fix miscompilation if a register is used in a .lex and also used as a…
… key
@mlschroe mlschroe fix pbc_dump's key display, VTABLE_get_integer() seems to get the reg…
…ister from the current context
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'master' of c72be5f
Commits on Oct 29, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add a current_task method to ParrotInterpreter to get the current tas…
…k object (if any). Add code() and data() methods to Task to get/set the code and data object
@Whiteknight Whiteknight add a set_random method to Integer PMC to get a random number without…
… needing to load the math dynops
@leto leto Update changelog 8b03f39
@Whiteknight Whiteknight rename enable_event_checking -> Parrot_runcore_enable_event_checking,…
… disable_event_checking -> Parrot_runcore_disable_event_checking. Move the enable_preemption and enable_scheduling flags from global variables into scheduler attributes
@Whiteknight Whiteknight fix build failure 98dcec0
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'green_threads' 17a6980
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add note about green_threads to ChangeLog aed1bca
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'master' of 0e30896
Commits on Oct 30, 2011
@leto leto Remove DEPRECATED-branch.pod which came in on the green_threads merge 6078766
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'master' of 2002e40
@moritz moritz update MANIFEST, DEPRECATED-branch.pod is gone 874cd8f
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'master' of 9563f08
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'kid51/testsets2' 96bd10c
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] No space before open paren. f71e980
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'master' of 847615f
Commits on Oct 31, 2011
@mlschroe mlschroe add testcase for lexed key miscompilation c4e4578
@mlschroe mlschroe fix overlong line 94f418e
@mlschroe mlschroe Merge branch 'master' into mls/directaccess
@mlschroe mlschroe simplily PAST::Control, fix bug in block handler code when addreturn …
…is not used
@mlschroe mlschroe fix another bug in the return-less wrap_handlers case f7b8d31
Commits on Nov 01, 2011
@jkeenan jkeenan Reposition parrot_test_run.tar.gz in a subdirectory (t/archive) so it…
… can be safely decompressed and untarred.
@jkeenan jkeenan Add new file to MANIFEST. bead135
@jkeenan jkeenan Restore README. 4603865
@leto leto Correct typo in ChangeLog about set_random f66b1b5
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Remove the preemptive thread scheduling logic from the windows build.…
… Parrot should build on windows (or get much closer now) but without preemptive green_threads support
@Whiteknight Whiteknight fix typo, misplaced character c34e000
@niner niner Add in missing pause() in outer runloop
Without pause(), a sleep would busy wait
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] No trailing whitespace. 7fcdbb3
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'jkeenan/reposition_archive_tarball' 9e91735
Commits on Nov 02, 2011
@niner niner Merge branch 'master' of git:// 3656362
@mlschroe mlschroe fill_params: fill unused registers with default values if error check…
…ing if off

The default is that error checking is off for call results. The calling.t
test relied on this(!), so it now checks for that the result gets overwritten
with PMCNULL. Also, two bugs in PGE::Exp and Test::More were detected and
fixed because of this change.
@mlschroe mlschroe fix cuddled else c489e0b
@mlschroe mlschroe Delete handler_type argument from exception handler functions.
Mixing event and exception handlers seems to be a bad idea, it
makes the code very complicated. Also, pop_eh did just zero
out the queue element instead of removing it.
Also, some code was added to make exception rethrow more robust
in case handlers were added/removed.
@niner niner Remove faulty tests from t/pmc/alarm.t
The removed tests tested for alarms firing in a certain order which
cannot be guaranteed due to preemption introducing a random element into
the mix.
@niner niner Merge branch 'master' of e20b3be
Commits on Nov 03, 2011
@gerdr gerdr disable select dynpmc on MSYS 543e698
@mlschroe mlschroe Get rid of the iterator PMC when iterating through the exceptions han…

Instead of the iterator we store the number of handlers left in the Exception.
Also, a new experimental op was added, "pop_upto_eh". It pops all handlers
until it reaches the current handler of ther specified exception.
@gerdr gerdr fix make install on MSYS c0a28a9
Commits on Nov 04, 2011
@mlschroe mlschroe create Parrot_cx_delete_upto_handler_local() function for better abst…
@mlschroe mlschroe Optimize some keyed_str lookups and a isa() call away when the base_t…
…ype matches
@mlschroe mlschroe Define init_pmc for ExceptionHandlers that takes a key to initialize …
…the handled types.

Currently not optimized, we still build the RPA. Also change PCT to create the
exception handlers the new way if possible.
@mlschroe mlschroe Directly use Key as handles_type when possible. 0d94c86
@gerdr gerdr cleanup compiler flags, file generation, ignored files df69781
@mlschroe mlschroe move control exceptions to their own number block, add _ALL types tha…
…t catch any exception of that type
@mlschroe mlschroe use a key instead of a string for the return exception handler, as th…
…e key is cheaper
@mlschroe mlschroe it has to be pmc/exception.h, otherwise the Configure script will gen…
…erate a wrong Makefile dependency
@mlschroe mlschroe Argh, 'CONTROL' should not include CONTROL_ERROR, used in die()! 74ba753
@mlschroe mlschroe do not use CONTROL_ERROR for internal exceptions, now only die() uses it a3ec104
@leto leto Merge pull request #192 from gerdr/gerdr/msys-install
fix make install on MSYS
Commits on Nov 05, 2011
@petdance petdance Parrot_hires_get_tick_duration is now flagged as PARROT_CONST_FUNCTION 4119aa0
@petdance petdance Merge branch 'master' of 8f5a5c5
@petdance petdance removed unnecessary const modifiers of function parameters. Removed a…
…n unused local var.
@petdance petdance removed headerizer section for statics since there are no longer any …
@petdance petdance consting locals, and removed unused vars. 7a92634
@jkeenan jkeenan Add files missing from MANIFEST.SKIP. 204cd4e
Commits on Nov 07, 2011
@mlschroe mlschroe Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into mls/kill-events-in-ehqueue 84e6508
@mlschroe mlschroe Add a new exception type, EXCEPTION_DIE. Make the die() ops use it in…
…stead of CONTROL_ERROR.

This also reverts commit 74ba753.
@mlschroe mlschroe add test cases for exceptionhandler initialization with key and _ALL …
@mlschroe mlschroe fix overlong lines and trailing spaces 660e18d
@mlschroe mlschroe fix exception handler removing in try/block_handlers by using the new…
… pop_upto_eh op. Also finialize the exceptions at the end of the handlers.
Commits on Nov 08, 2011
@NotFound NotFound default param value for string is STRINGNULL, not plain NULL
See gh #195
@moritz moritz [op2c] allow "unsigned" type qualifier, bacek++ 53994ea
@leto leto [t] #195 return :flat on a ResizableStringArray 251ec62
@leto leto Fix test to look for the correct error 00fb541
@leto leto Merge branch 'gh_195_return_flat_bug' 56b177c
@NotFound NotFound don't return NULL from STRING* vtable functions, use STRINGNULL
In some cases we should throw instead, but this fix avoids segfaults and
pass all tests, enough for a now
Commits on Nov 09, 2011
@niner niner Fix job concurrency in fulltest 1ee1c09
@niner niner Merge branch 'master' of de1cf6d
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to 4f1c542189:
- 'multi' improved
- better compile time evaluation of builtins
- minor fixes and optimizations
@bacek bacek Accept single char in C<case> of C<switch> statement. Closes #196 7f1fc69
Commits on Nov 12, 2011
@moritz moritz [opsc] try to improve parse error messages by limiting them to a bloc…
…k instead of the whole ops body
@moritz moritz [opsc] further reduce the scope of syntax errors 6855022
@moritz moritz [opsc] syntax errors at statement level (I hope) 9037782
@moritz moritz [opsc] better error message for arglists 9b17c87
@moritz moritz [opsc] implement 1.0f style literals 3e5e9c9
Commits on Nov 14, 2011
@bacek bacek Prohibit to plan 0 tests. Part of #188 53c9e6a
@bacek bacek Replace deprecated usage of 'pmc_new' with 'Parrot_pmc_new' cbe7cea
@bacek bacek Remove very old 'compatibilty macros' dffbd93
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to 5952fb1701
- Optimizations in generated code
- Better checking of void expressions use
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to RELEASE_1_4_0 85ad83d
@NotFound NotFound put winxed news in ChangeLog ad4b9de
Commits on Nov 15, 2011
@bacek bacek Remove Parrot_pmc_new_constant* functions 0ef5e6a
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to tag RELEASE_1_4_1:
* Bug fix
@Whiteknight Whiteknight A few quick and dirty fixes to get the windows build rolling again. S…
…kip some green threads tests on windows since we don't have green threads on windows, yet. I got a test failure in nci.t, but that may be spurious
@NotFound NotFound fix trailling whitespace and delete svn-remanants be7cb91
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add note to changelog that greenthreads aren't available everywhere yet 5f46f4a
@leto leto Add some details to the community and test sections of the changelog 7bef4e6
Commits on Nov 16, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Update all the metadata and other jazz for Parrot 3.10.0, Apple Pi. 6f76221
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'release_3_10' 777824a
@mlschroe mlschroe Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into mls/kill-events-in-ehqueue
@mlschroe mlschroe Merge branch 'mls/kill-events-in-ehqueue' be7897f
@leto leto Add myself as the release manager of 4.2.0 e6bedb1
@mlschroe mlschroe fix build again, sorry e80192d
@mlschroe mlschroe disable auto-finalize for now
To finalize, we need to get the exception with get_results.
Unfortunately, get_results clears the caller object, so other
code also doing a get_results to get the exception will no
longer work. I don't know how to fix that except to add a
new op that just "peeks" at the exception.
@petdance petdance Use a proper NULL, not 0 25443f2
@petdance petdance Remove some DRY in creating var name. Sort the keys so output is cons…
…istent between runes.
@Benabik Benabik PackfileAnnotation: Add PMC and type methods
Previously there was no way to determine the type of the annotation
(except trial and error), nor a way to get a PMC annotation.
Commits on Nov 17, 2011
@bacek bacek Revert "Remove Parrot_pmc_new_constant* functions"
Let's do it in smaller steps.
@bacek bacek Mark code segment.
We'll need it when we stop generating constant Keys and other PMCs in
@bacek bacek Fix braino in marking Key. d555d17
@bacek bacek Don't generate 'constant' PMCs in IMCC e207e6b
@mlschroe mlschroe add 'peek_exception' op as workaround for pct relying on .get_results…
… to get the exception

.get_results clears the call object, so we cannot use it to get the exception
when HLL code also relies on .get_results returning the exception. Thus, the
new op returns the exception without clearing the call object. This op can
be removed again if PCT provides a different mechanism to get the exception and
all HLLs use the new mechanism.
@mlschroe mlschroe correct documentation for peek_exception 8e7bd15
@mlschroe mlschroe Support direct lexinfo access with ".const 'LexInfo' $P0 = <subid>" 7b50a14
@petdance petdance consting local vars a8cb7da
Commits on Nov 18, 2011
@bacek bacek Don't use constant Keys. It's not needed anymore. 4bbe707
@bacek bacek Made HLL entries first class GC citizens.
Properly store and mark created HLL entries.
@bacek bacek Made multidispatch guts non-constant.
We already marking 'const' Subs. Which should also mark all related PMCs
as well.
@bacek bacek Don't clone self to constant PMC.
It's not needed, unfinished, inconsistent and ugly.
@bacek bacek Don't create constant ParrotLibrary.
They are stored in interp->iglobals and will be properly marked anyway.
@bacek bacek Remove Parrot_pmc_new_constant* functions.
Say goodbay to old "poor man GenGC hack"
@bacek bacek Merge branch 'master' into kill_constants
Commits on Nov 19, 2011
@bacek bacek Remove usless checks. 13bc70f
@leto leto If TAP::Harness::ReportByDescription is not installed, give an exampl…
…e for how to install with cpanminus too
@bacek bacek Deprecate new_si opcode. 0464dbe
Commits on Nov 20, 2011
@bacek bacek Merge branch 'kill_constants' 5d9d32b
@bacek bacek Add completed tag to constant deprecations. a0a8057
Commits on Nov 21, 2011
@bacek bacek Add deprecated warning to op new_s_i d8b901c
Commits on Nov 22, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight remove old TODO note fc65871
@nol888 nol888 Merge branch 'master' of git:// c7cef77
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to 1.5 devel abd4c8e5b3
for improvements
fix postfix operators and compare optimizations
minor optimizations
@petdance petdance Add the -Wzero-as-null-pointer-constant flag for GCC 4.7 d907aa2
@petdance petdance Merge branch 'master' of 5ec2edf
Commits on Nov 23, 2011
@nol888 nol888 Merge branch 'master' of git:// a29e047
@mlschroe mlschroe PCT: also use pop_upto_eh in loop generation code, so we can use next…
…/last in inlined blockes with block handlers
@trishume trishume Removed Parrot_sub_new_from_c_func and tests that rely on it ffca829
@trishume trishume moved Parrot_PMC_newclass to oo.c and renamed to Parrot_oo_new_class_pmc 7a4a967
Commits on Nov 24, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'master' of 0a414ef
Commits on Nov 25, 2011
@NotFound NotFound refactor repeated throws into static functions bbe82b9
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'master' of 3a35d09
@mlschroe mlschroe PCT/Node.pir: use 'append' instead of creating an iterator and pushin…
…g every element
@niner niner Remove timing assumptions from t/pmc/task.t d4331ed
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to 9300774687
- inline functions
- fix FunctionId emit problem
Commits on Nov 26, 2011
@nol888 nol888 Merge branch 'master' of git:// e923c34
@nol888 nol888 Add Parrot_lib_fix_path_slashes; fix OS.pwd to normalize slashes base…
…d on platform.
@nol888 nol888 Fix bug in string API where Parrot_str_new_init was not properly sett…
…ing the bufused field when passed a null buffer with a length.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'master' of 3e796d7
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'GCI_extend_cleanup' of git://…
… into extend_cleanup
@nol888 nol888 codingstd and readability fixes. 7c16288
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'master' of git:// into separato…
@pawel-n pawel-n Moved handling of the --runtime-prefix commandline option from
frontend/parrot2/main.c to frontedn/parrot2/prt0.winxed.
@petdance petdance removed unnecessary interpolation 22c17f4
Commits on Nov 27, 2011
@niner niner Remove space between function name and open parens 421284d
@niner niner Fix function doc to make c_function_docs.t happy 65406c7
@niner niner Add missing ASSERT_ARGS to some new functions in structview.pmc a8b33eb
@niner niner Make t/pmc/nci.t more reliable
One of the tests failed sometimes on some machines. It tests asynchronous
callbacks which get scheduled as tasks. The sleep 0.001 gave the scheduler
a chance to stop the current task and work through all the posted async
callbacks. But one millisecond might not be enough time on a slow or loaded
system to get all callbacks done. On expiry of the alarm, the interrupted
Task gets scheduled for immediate execution again, so the next test could
start before all callbacks are done.

Fixed it by calling pass in a loop until the callbacks are all done.
@niner niner Fix headerizer confusion about mark_code_segment 40d9cee
@pawel-n pawel-n Fixed up coding standard tests errors. 81774d0
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Code cleanups 31b8edb
@niner niner Fix recursion_depth growing with every task started
Restore the recursion_depth in the current context after invoking a
task's sub. This is a workaround for Parrot_Sub_invoke incrementing
recursion_depth unconditionally which is not true for invoked tasks,
since they run in parallel to the invoking sub, not nested but still
inherit the context.

This patch also unifies recursion_depth accessors to return the new
value, fixing an off by one error in recursion depth limiting.
@niner niner Merge branch 'master' of 4d8bda1
Commits on Nov 28, 2011
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to 95d2c6f2ee
- Bug fixes
- Improvements in inline
Commits on Nov 29, 2011
@mlschroe mlschroe define ids for the subprof runcores instead of using PARROT_SLOW_CORE 6445248
@mlschroe mlschroe Add a set_runcore op to switch to a different runcore.
Also support CURRENT_RUNCORE in interpinfo_s() to get the name of the current
We need an extra op for the runcore switching, because we need to restart the
runops() loop. This can only be done in an op at the moment.
@mlschroe mlschroe move stdint include from runcore_subprof.h to subprof.c 93a98e9
@petdance petdance s/existant/existent/g per Larry 34fb4fd
@pawel-n pawel-n Add a Parrot_api_pmc_box_float function to src/embed/pmc.c
Add a Parrot_api_pmc_box_float function to src/embed/pmc.c, change Parrot_api_pmc_box_integer to use Parrot_pmc_box_integer instead of duplicating it.
Also add a test for these functions to t/src/embed/pmc.t.
@leto leto Merge pull request #213 from Pawel834/box_float
Add a Parrot_api_pmc_box_float function to src/embed/pmc.c
Commits on Nov 30, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add a third argument to Parrot_pf_get_packfile_pmc, to be the string …
…path for it. That way every time we have a PackfileView we've made a best effort to fill in all fields. Add a get_packfile() method to Sub to get the packfile that owns it. This exposes some subtle errors
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Make sure to set the ->view field in the PackFile* when we load it fr…
…om the PackfileView.read_from_file() method.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Remove PackFile_read_pbc file.
We have Parrot_pf_read_pbc_file, and we only want one interface for this crucial mechanism to prevent confusion
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add a third argument to Parrot_pf_get_packfile_pmc, to be the string …
…path for it. That way every time we have a PackfileView we've made a best effort to fill in all fields. Add a get_packfile() method to Sub to get the packfile that owns it. This exposes some subtle errors
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Make sure to set the ->view field in the PackFile* when we load it fr…
…om the PackfileView.read_from_file() method.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Remove PackFile_read_pbc file.
We have Parrot_pf_read_pbc_file, and we only want one interface for this crucial mechanism to prevent confusion
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Fix tests that were relying on Parrot_pf_get_packfile_pmc 7ad94d6
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add a named 'path' argument to IMCCompiler.compiler and .compile_file…
…, to override default path name in the PackfileView
@Whiteknight Whiteknight doesn't seem to like the named arguments. Just make the path argument…
… optional instead
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add in Parrot_pf_get_version_string and expose it through new method …
@moritz moritz give Select.readline an optional deleimiter parameter (not yet tested) e95cf3a
Commits on Dec 01, 2011
@Util Util Update docs to fix GH issue 3 on - outdated example…
…s of iterator use.
@Util Util Clarify test name for final use of Iterator object. 2b3bb7e
Commits on Dec 02, 2011
@pepol pepol Code changes for GCI task
TODO: Adjust test cases to pass
Commits on Dec 03, 2011
@pepol pepol Modified test cases
GCI Task done
Sasho new winxed POD doc f71f8ab
Sasho new fixes 10cd463
Sasho winxed POD 47373da
Sasho winxed doc 52e5b49
@leto leto Merge pull request #216 from Alekssasho/winxed_POD_docs
GCI Task Winxed POD docs
@leto leto [docs] Tweak winxed binary docs 96fa2c5
@pepol pepol Fixed problem with g++ compilation 36e4eb5
@leto leto Merge pull request #217 from pepol/master
GCI 2011: Cleanup src/extend.c Done && fixed g++ compilation
Commits on Dec 04, 2011
@NotFound NotFound fix codingstd line lenght 844c9be
Commits on Dec 05, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Small doc fixes in experimental.ops 4248232
@Benabik Benabik squaak: parse sub calls as expressions cf36033
@Benabik Benabik squaak: Add read() builtin e293df3
@Benabik Benabik squaak: Handle return and add a test 0ea3629
@Benabik Benabik squaak: improve sub call in expressions
This limits sub calls to variables, not arbitrary expressions.
Sasho parrot_config POD file 472b779
@leto leto Merge pull request #219 from Alekssasho/parrot_config_POD
parrot_config POD file
@leto leto [doc] Tweak parrot_config POD 14c6cda
Sasho plumage POD added 39de7e7
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge pull request #220 from Alekssasho/master
GCI plumage POD file 

Add some docs for plumage binary. Aleksandar++ for the submission
Sasho parrotbug POD file added 0cbf578
Sasho parrotbug POD file added 3d449f4
Sasho parrotbug POD file added d7b5883
@leto leto Merge pull request #221 from Alekssasho/master
GCI parrotbug POD
Sasho pbc_to_exe POD added 9626df6
@leto leto Merge pull request #222 from Alekssasho/master
GCI pbc_to_exe POD file
Commits on Dec 06, 2011
@Util Util Fix typos in pbc_to_exe.pod 608df16
@leto leto Tweak pbc_to_exe docs and explain what a fakecutable is 002173a
@moritz moritz implement is_inf_or_nan operator b8b9be6
@moritz moritz update generated files 028af3d
@moritz moritz remove tests that fail when you add a new op bd49640
@bacek bacek Use parrot's Test::More for testing afb7440
Sasho parrot-prove POD added 9d8aa0d
Sasho parrot-prove POD added 8b96b26
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge pull request #223 from Alekssasho/master
GCI parrot-prove POD
@Whiteknight Whiteknight make headerizer again to fix conflicts in header file f0d7137
Sasho parrot-nqp POD added adf4117
@leto leto Merge pull request #224 from Alekssasho/master
GCI parrot-nqp POD
@leto leto [doc] Tweak parrot-nqp POD 02f08b0
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Fix a mistake in Task.code() and .data() that was leading to weird ra…
…ndom segfaults
Commits on Dec 07, 2011
Sasho parrot_nci_thunk_gen POD added 624f97a
@leto leto Merge pull request #225 from Alekssasho/master
GCI parrot_nci_thunk_gen POD
@leto leto [doc] Tweak parrot_nci_thunk_gen.pod a90ce2a
Sasho ops2c POD added e66e875
Alekssasho Update docs/binaries/ops2c.pod babf730
@leto leto Merge pull request #226 from Alekssasho/master
GCI ops2c POD
@leto leto [doc] Tweak ops2c POD 9a8ba70
@ayardley ayardley Add 'parrot.pod' to 'docs/binaries'. 94df889
Commits on Dec 08, 2011
@leto leto [doc] Clean up parrot binary POD 25d36d2
Commits on Dec 09, 2011
@NotFound NotFound simplify Parrot_pa_insert, avoiding allocating a chunk when there are
removed cells available
Commits on Dec 10, 2011
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to dad606017e
- builtins abs, sinh, cosh and tanh
@niner niner Fix line length violations in docs/binaries/parrot.pod 3fd5153
@leto leto Update manifest b580987
@ayardley ayardley Removed reference to '', which no longer exists. 5d06079
@ayardley ayardley Merge branch 'ayardley/rm_bad_doc_ref_in_tools_dev_install_files' f43f011
Commits on Dec 13, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'master' of into separator_fixes 6f1762b
@jkeenan jkeenan Have git ignore some .o files generated during testing. b428cd5
@ayardley ayardley Update CREDITS 0775735
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Revert "Merge branch 'master' of into separa…

This reverts commit 6f1762b, reversing
changes made to f43f011.
Commits on Dec 14, 2011
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to 631d9cc494
- namespace qualified constant lookup
- fix const int division
Commits on Dec 18, 2011
@leto leto Update manifest 165e732
Sasho Remove FileHandle puts method and fix test and docs
Signed-off-by: Jonathan "Duke" Leto <>
@leto leto Replace .puts call with .print, fixes #231 fae8c27
Commits on Dec 19, 2011
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to e456f00b63:
- Fix to scope search that was failing since recent change for consts
- Fix expresionless switch with non int cases
- Compiler and driver now don't have source annotations,
  saves memory in normal usages and you can always install annotated versions
  if you need to debug the compiler
@fperrad fperrad partial revert of…

Socket is not a FileHandle
Commits on Dec 20, 2011
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to release number 1.5.0 3417b80
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Remove trailing whitespace. 2691300
@Benabik Benabik Update example for change to FileHandle
Updates make_hello_pbc.pir for the change in
  05a88d8 Remove FileHandle puts method and fix test and docs
@cotto cotto initial overly-general version of changelog for 3.11.0 2db4772
@cotto cotto polish the changelog a bit c27c041
@cotto cotto cut the 3.11.0 release "Duct Tape" a6c5dd2