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Commits on Jun 23, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Remove old hash macros 66ba12e
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Poke into NameSpace directly instead of calling get_associated_* meth…
…ods when creating a new Class. This change alone cuts non-threaded coretest runtime from 4:42 to 3:40 on my system
@bubaflub bubaflub add section about deprecated NCI symbols 247bde0
@bubaflub bubaflub update gitignore after TT #2134 - pbc_disassemble now lives under fro…
@mikehh mikehh re-generate MANIFEST.SKIP a3f1145
@pmichaud pmichaud [pmc]: Patch to ResizablePMCArray.splice to improve its performance f…
…or shifts and insertions by over 90%.
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Eliminate 2 instances trailing whitespace. 52da8ea
@jnthn jnthn Update IMCC and LexInfo/LexPad to allow lexicals for register types o…
…ther than PMCs.
@jnthn jnthn Add ops for working with lexicals in int/num/str registers. a3b82ab
Commits on Jun 24, 2011
@jnthn jnthn Toss tests invalidated by support added for natively typed lexicals. 8ae61a0
@jnthn jnthn Add tests for int/num/str lexicals. 39218c2
@leto leto Add a note to NEWS about new lexical awesomeness from jnthn++ e93356d
Commits on Jun 25, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Remove one more methodcall to namespace from oo.c ab704f3
@Whiteknight Whiteknight misc fixes to LexPad so we can headerize. Headerize. Add a prototype …
…set_pointer vtable to Packfile PMC
@Whiteknight Whiteknight IMCCompiler.compile returns a Packfile PMC now. This is safe because …
…the method is still experimental and nobody is using it
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add some ARGMOD stuff to lexpad PMC e0016a9
@mikehh mikehh remove trailing spaces 58eb810
@mikehh mikehh remove trailing spaces, update copyright 438bf3b
@mikehh mikehh add missing ASSERT_ARGS acd2a95
@mikehh mikehh add missing documentation 4f6855f
@mikehh mikehh add missing function documentation 2410627
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Create new packfile API functions Parrot_pf_new (PackFile_new) Parrot…
…_pf_destroy (PackFile_destroy), Parrot_pf_serialize_to_string and Parrot_pf_deserialize_from_string. Add new prototype PackfileWrapper and PackfileManager PMC types
@Whiteknight Whiteknight PackfileWrapper -> PackfileView. Fixes so we can build. Headerizer. A…
…dd some functionality to PackfileView to match or exceed what Eval provides in terms of getting access to constants and Subs
@Whiteknight Whiteknight fix typo. IMCCompiler.compile should return a PackfileView,not a Pack…
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Steal logic from Parrot_api_write_bytecode_to_file to create Parrot_p…
…f_write_pbc_file. Use that function to implement PackfileManager.write_to_file. Also, remove PackfileView.execute method, it doesn't work as-is and can be easily replicated using main_sub()
@NotFound NotFound rearrange a bit and fix pod in Hash cd9fe1b
Commits on Jun 26, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight misc fixes and cleanups. +docs. Add new Parrot_pf_serialized_size API…
… and create method PackfileView. Use more packfile API funcs from the embedding API
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'whiteknight/remove_hash_macros' d3edfd8
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Fix two instances of old-style hash function names 9b37515
@leto leto Add a note to NEWS about winxed.git 47c310c
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to get recent features, mainly 'extern function' ffe78e1
@NotFound NotFound a few more set_addr changed to set_label, TT #1857 8a9654e
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Remove some unnecessary details from LexInfo. Hash.init_int sets the …
…destroy and mark flags, so no need to re-set them. Don't do the gymnastics for making LexInfo const, the flag is worthless now
@Whiteknight Whiteknight +revert an earlier commit which broke Lua. fperrad++ 1f8dc33
Commits on Jun 27, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Rename functions to Parrot_pf_serialize and Parrot_pf_deserialize. co…
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Combine trigger_init and trigger_load methods into a single trigger(S…
…TRING *flag) method. This change looks forward to a time when packfiles can flag Subs more flexibly than we do now. Right now the only accepted values are 'load' and 'init'
@mikehh mikehh fix codetest failure - linelength, update copyright 643dba0
@fperrad fperrad [languages] Winxed moves to Github 8352b99
@pmichaud pmichaud [pct]: Add 'signature' attribute to PAST::Node, to explicitly request…
… a particular signature for evaluating children.
Commits on Jun 28, 2011
@petdance petdance Add a flag to warn if we use more than 500 bytes of stack (GCC 4.7+) d990f60
Commits on Jun 29, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Parrot_pf_read_pbc_file now returns a PackFile* instead of a PMC. We …
…have a routine to wrap it in a PMC if needed. Delete the PackfileManager PMC type. It was worthless. Move most of the functionality to PackfileView. Move the ability to get the current packfileview pmc from the interpreter
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add a constant_counts method to PackfileView to return the counts of …
…the different types of constants in the packfile. cotto++ for the idea
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Fix interp['packfile'] to work 9e7e0a2
@leto leto Give dedeprecator an .nqp extension to match all the other nqp script…
…s in tools/dev
@Whiteknight Whiteknight apply patch from kid51++ to remove VTABLE_substr and rename the old V…
…TABLE_substr_str to VTABLE_substr. His patch did not apply cleanly in t/src/extend_vtable.t, so I did a quick-n-dirty replace of my own
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add writebarrier to PackfileView b16bd24
Commits on Jun 30, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Move segment-related functions from src/packfile/api.c to new file sr…
…c/packfile/segments.c. Add a header file pf_private.h to that subsystem for intra-subsystem declarations. src/packfile/api.c is for external-facing interfaces. Things that are private to the subsystem should not be there
@Whiteknight Whiteknight rename variable, on suggestion from cotto++ 3440910
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Fix small issue in Parrot_pbc_read caused when I changed the return t…
…ype of Parrot_pf_read_pbc_file to PackFile*. Fixes t/src/extend.t failures
@NotFound NotFound add rule 'pir_winxed' to build and clean steps of distutils f33bce0
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Move function prototypes from src/packfile/output.c to src/packfile/p…
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Make sure to get the PackfileView referenced from Sub constants, so w…
…hen we mark a Sub we also mark the PackfileView that owns it
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'vtable_substr' d1cbeb0
@Whiteknight Whiteknight +NEWS entry about VTABLE_substr c2ea702
Commits on Jul 02, 2011
@jkeenan jkeenan Add number of Trac ticket tracking 'todo' item f69ef9a
Commits on Jul 03, 2011
@jkeenan jkeenan Add number of Trac ticket for inline comment. 1ee5ec8
@jkeenan jkeenan Per discussion in, constrai…
…n opcode type to have same size as integers.
Commits on Jul 04, 2011
@chromatic chromatic [PMC] Avoided pushing empty strings in SB.
This early exit improves the vpm.pir benchmark by 6.7%.
@chromatic chromatic [PMC] Avoided encoding comparisons in push_string.
When there's no need to look for a compatible encoding, don't look. This
improves vpm.pir by 0.58%.
@chromatic chromatic [PMC] Optimized StringBuilder's push_string VTABLE.
There's plenty of STRING encapsulation violation here, so avoiding a function
call improves the SB-heavy benchmark of vpm.pir by 2.9%.
@chromatic chromatic [str] Fixed a typo. 41d54b9
@chromatic chromatic [GC] Added a PMC/STRING flag check to mem tracer.
This should be safe (though feel free to revert if it causes odd GC behavior).
In a GC-light vpm.pir benchmark, this improves performance by 0.946%. Depth of
C stack as well as memory layout will vary these results.
@chromatic chromatic [str] Optimized Parrot_str_join given empty joiner.
This improves the vpm.pir benchmark by a whopping further 7.8%.
@ligne ligne fix C++ build failures due to unexpected const-ness
VTABLE_push_string() expects a non-const STRING.  c++ says this is Not
Allowed.  This fixes it.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight add a stub test file for PackfileView 0b04c1f
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add testfile to MANIFEST d69738f
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add tests to ParrotInterpreter for getting the current PackfileView a43d2cc
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add a few tests for PackfileView 5613f8c
@cotto cotto Merge pull request #138 from ligne/g++-build-error
fix C++ build failure due to unexpected const-ness
@cotto cotto Revert "[GC] Added a PMC/STRING flag check to mem tracer."
This reverts commit 318f52c.  This
caused failures in the windows build.
@cotto cotto C89 tax (no variable declarations after the beginning of a block) 88f9a1a
@cotto cotto add some test messages, a shebang and a vim coda 1041355
@Whiteknight Whiteknight +docs and some rearranging for PackfileView fc1ccf8
@Whiteknight Whiteknight fix checkdepend.t da61254
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add more tests for packfileview 93d9a9b
@chromatic chromatic [rc] Enabled PC tracking in fast core. 62c761d
@chromatic chromatic [rc] Made fast runcore the default.
This should be safe, given the previous commit of dabaf8c. This gives the op
dispatch benchmark mops_intval.pasm a 27.56% performance improvement. Other
programs will show less benefit, but faster op dispatch is still a good thing.
@chromatic chromatic [OO] Optimized Parrot_pmc_get_type_str() slightly.
Because the classname -> integer mapper is an internal implementation detail
which should never leak out of the OO subsystem, it's okay to break the VTABLE
encapsulation in this case. This provides a 2.33% performance improvement on
the OO-heavy stress1.pasm benchmark and should also help any other code which
creates objects based on string class names.

Arguably Parrot should resolve string literals to class objects at compilation
or optimization time, but that's a larger change.

As this commit includes a Makefile dependency addition, reconfigure
recommended, but not required.
Commits on Jul 05, 2011
@leto leto Skip postgres tests if extra nci thunks are not available 1c42811
@leto leto Add some useful POD to Parrot::Config and use it in t/src/embed.t f2a7d3b
@leto leto Conditionally skip an embed test that requires EXTRA_NCI_THUNKS a9707e1
@chromatic chromatic [PMC] Optimized NS's get_pointer_keyed_str VTABLE.
This improves the performance of stress2.pasm by 2.725%. Interested parties may
be able to squeeze out another improvement by revising this logic.

Note that this demonstrates a systemic problem regarding the question of "Does
something exist in this hash?" versus "There's something, but it's null." If
PMCNULL ever stops also being 0, this function will return strange results.
@NotFound NotFound hash is a Hash *, not a PMC * 8e801b2
@NotFound NotFound make the vtable initializers static to decrease stack usage during in…
@chromatic chromatic [hash] Added manual inlining to improve hash speed.
This improves the hash-heavy bench_newp.pasm benchmark by 1.18%.
@chromatic chromatic [GC] Rearranged code to improve locality.
No functional changes. Probably little performance improvement.
@chromatic chromatic [GC] Added early bailout of blocked GC run. fa72eaa
@chromatic chromatic [GC] Tidied code; no functional changes. 3666df8
@chromatic chromatic [GC] Made an internal static function into a macro.
This function was used in two hot paths, so aggressive compiler inlining
wouldn't work. Now it's a handful of extra instructions in right places. As a
bonus, it avoids a couple of unnecessary function calls. The end result should
be slightly faster allocation code.
@chromatic chromatic [GC] Optimized stack-walking owned pointer finder.
Avoiding math instructions for an O(n) algorithm helps greatly, but stack
walking is still expensive. This improves the gc_waves_sizeable_headers.pasm
benchmark by 0.8%, which indicates this function costs about half of what it
did previously.
Commits on Jul 06, 2011
@chromatic chromatic [GC] Fixed Win32-killing type errors in d789b5. 1d270a0
@Util Util Fix typo in sha256 comment e87d3d6
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Need space between C keyword and opening parenthesis. 9a23f72
@jkeenan jkeenan Fix typo in POD. a157bd0
@mikehh mikehh run make headerizer to remove function info for function
that has been changed to a define (ASSERT_ARGS no longer required)
@Whiteknight Whiteknight In Parrot_warn, check that we have a valid interp->ctx before doing f…
…lag testing on it. If we warn during interp initialization, bad things might happen otherwise. mls++ for the report
@NotFound NotFound upadte winxed snapshot to get literal string escape fixes bb4d3c9
@NotFound NotFound upadte winxed snapshot to get literal string escape fixes
For real this time, bb4d3c9 was a mistake
@NotFound NotFound minimal test of the bundled Winxed 96fac30
Commits on Jul 07, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add in some stub test code to test .trigger('init'), but it doesn't w…
…ork and I don't know why
@pmichaud pmichaud Bring in latest version of nqp-rx, including 'make_regex' method
on Regex::P6Regex compiler.  This interface to the regex engine
should be available on all future regex compilers, at least for
a while.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Eval PMC is deprecated 0a8cb36
@Whiteknight Whiteknight PackFile_* API functions are deprecated 176a244
@NotFound NotFound winxed license 41fc268
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add PackfileView to api.yaml as experimental acb29d9
@Whiteknight Whiteknight resolve api.yaml conflict after merge from master fc25455
@jkeenan jkeenan Use Makefile variables already defined where possible. d98e956
@jkeenan jkeenan Brand new file only needs copyright for current year. 6784232
@jkeenan jkeenan Add copyright. 024e3ad
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Add coda for C code. 041cf3e
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Add ASSERT_ARGS. d1f74b3
@jkeenan jkeenan Revert previous codingstd, as it did not fix test. 592d9ae
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Add header guards. whiteknight, please check. 25d73ce
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] POD formatting fixes. c5b37d5
@Whiteknight Whiteknight fix c_arg_assert test failure 51929a0
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'whiteknight/packfilewrapper' of…
…arrot into whiteknight/packfilewrapper
@Whiteknight Whiteknight fix c_parens test failure 02a3eb5
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Fix POD errors 6d404bf
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] No space between function and open parenthesis. 7f7d532
@Whiteknight Whiteknight fix pmc_docs.t failure a3f5eaa
Commits on Jul 08, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight fix conflict bce7e07
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add generated files to MANIFEST.generated b91cc44
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Eval PMC is deprecated eee63b0
@Whiteknight Whiteknight PackFile_* API functions are deprecated 507aa96
@Whiteknight Whiteknight fix conflicts in api.yaml. There's plenty of room to deprecate everyt…
@Whiteknight Whiteknight +note about PackfileView to NEWS 19e2d89
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Comment out some stuff in Eval for now ff7a667
@jkeenan jkeenan Update MANIFEST for ext/winxed/LICENSE. 04f584c
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'master' of 1878059
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Some functions from segments.c are used outside the packfile subsyste…
…m. They shouldn't be, but they are. Expose them all for now, to try and fix C++ build and ttbot failures
@NotFound NotFound Don't ignore Parrot_compile_string result,
avoid the warning and do something maybe useful with it.
@NotFound NotFound Don't ignore result of imcc_preprocess_file_api aa176f8
@NotFound NotFound hash entry_type is not a Hash_key_type 81e8d82
@NotFound NotFound add non-null void-return versions of
Parrot_pcc_build_call_from_c_args and Parrot_pcc_build_call_from_varargs
to avoid the need for unused temporaries and spurious warnings.
Commits on Jul 09, 2011
@NotFound NotFound update winxed compiler to c9790995b
* Indirect attribute access
* Fixes in string escape sequeneces
* New get/setattribute builtins
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Parrot_compreg function is not needed after IMCC refactors and is dep…
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add in a new function for returning the search paths array as a singl…
…e string. Not wired in to anything yet, so shouldn't cause any problems. wayland++. See TT #560 for more details
@jkeenan jkeenan Remove file per e2109b1
@cotto cotto add mro++ to CREDITS 691608f
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot:
* builtin getcontext
* for ... in now check for null container
* diagnostic improvements
@leto leto Add some code coverage to the new embed API 290ad87
@jkeenan jkeenan Provide better description of final Action selections.
See  Also, replace global
filehandles with lexical filehandles.
Commits on Jul 10, 2011
@NotFound NotFound Don't use Parrot_warn in Parrot_init_platform_encoding,
the interpreter is not initialized enough at that point
@Util Util Fix error message in parrotbug 3db09f0
@NotFound NotFound simplify and fix the encoding search by name functions 9ca83a5
@NotFound NotFound add PARROT_CANNOT_RETURN_NULL to Parrot_pf_(de)serialize,
to make headerizer happier
@cotto cotto make bytecode incompatibility message more helpful 324de9f
Commits on Jul 11, 2011
@Util Util Update PLATFORMS for new gcc version 27cc427
@Whiteknight Whiteknight On windows, the path to the perl binary contains backslashes. Changes…
… double quotes to single quotes so the backslashes don't create weird string problems. This fixes spawnw.t on windows
@Whiteknight Whiteknight On win32, if we don't have a valid library handle in Parrot_dlsym we …
…can try to look up the module handle for 'libparrot'. This fixes t/pmc/nci.t on my system, and shouldn't make anything else any worse
@NotFound NotFound use a FixedIntegerArray instead of a Hash for HLL mappings
as suugested by jnthn__++
the array is created when the first HLLmap is done
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot:
* some new builtins
* builtins are now looked up as ordinary functions
* $include
@NotFound NotFound Update winxed snapshot to dfd1b7d222:
fixes for include directives
@cotto cotto poke directly into the hll_map for an additional ~.5% performance bump 8b86b37
Commits on Jul 12, 2011
@cotto cotto better variable name for the array that maps core types to HLL types 104b3c2
@cotto cotto fix an embed API test 5718bb9
@mikehh mikehh fix codetest failure - trailing whitespace ff85543
@Whiteknight Whiteknight t/dynpmc/os.t passes all tests on win32, so remove TODO marker 7a695c0
@NotFound NotFound main must return 729a5d6
@NotFound NotFound delete some imcc dead code in its namespace and symbols handling 09a73a7
@cotto cotto Merge branch 'hllmap_fixed' 4591566
@NotFound NotFound delete an #ifdef that serves no purpose other than to make windows fa…
…il tests
@NotFound NotFound take into account possible text file conversions in MappedByteArray t…
@tadzik tadzik Add flussence++ to CREDITS 77bd7c8
@NotFound NotFound don't wrap a not found dlfunc, we should be able to check the result f8d8ea6
@NotFound NotFound check several dlfuncs before testing them 42dc7a7
Commits on Jul 13, 2011
@NotFound NotFound 'TODO: Support Unicode error messages' in platform win32 done da6b544
@jkeenan jkeenan Remove file testing abandoned config step auto::git_describe. Provide…
… updated

way for getting 'git describe'-ish value for smoke reports.
@NotFound NotFound fix and unTODO an exception test that lacked finalize 5012b89
@NotFound NotFound fix and unTODO a wrong iterator test 70ec43f
@soh-cah-toa soh-cah-toa Fixed output of --help switch for pbc_disassemble to be vertically al…
@cotto cotto Merge branches 'master' and 'master' of d5d0ba1
@NotFound NotFound make String is_integer method accept all encodings,
unTODO a test that failed because of that and update that test to current
encoding naming
@NotFound NotFound codingstd: no space after opening parens c2c0d12
@cotto cotto Merge branch 'master' of 1024f0d
@cotto cotto add jay++ to CREDITS 2b98378
Commits on Jul 14, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Fix rare segfault situations where there is a NULL in the iGlobals ar…
…ray, instead of a PMCNULL
@felipensp felipensp - Fixed memory leak on imcc_compile_buffer_safe() function (#2141) 9496b71
@felipensp felipensp - Regenerated imclexer.c file f60dac4
@bubaflub bubaflub fix test file that got clobbered in 2b98378, NotFound++
this fixes t/library/streams.t and t/examples/library.t
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to RELEASE_1_0_0 67551ad
@NotFound NotFound typo 97325f1
@leto leto Give NEWS some love 4b344e6
@NotFound NotFound fix String.is_integer method recently added branch for non fixed-8 en…

TT #2152, jkeenan++
@NotFound NotFound ByteBuffer vtable get_pointer 82e6c72
@felipensp felipensp - Fixed memory leak on imcc_compile_buffer_safe() function (#2141)
Signed-off-by: Jonathan "Duke" Leto <>
@felipensp felipensp - Regenerated imclexer.c file
Signed-off-by: Jonathan "Duke" Leto <>
@leto leto Merge branch 'fix_imcc_memory_leak' 6c82876
Commits on Jul 15, 2011
@jkeenan jkeenan Start to provide better test messages. 3e3ffda
@jkeenan jkeenan Provide better diagnostic messages on failures to open(). 5c26bb7
@NotFound NotFound fix Parrot_sprintf_format: use char length, not byte legth, in the fo…
…rmat string
@leto leto Add a note to the readme about the new Winxed snapshot 1d4f49f
@felipensp felipensp Merge remote-tracking branch 'parrot/master' e05fe85
@felipensp felipensp - Fixed compiler warning db6211f
Commits on Jul 16, 2011
@jkeenan jkeenan Add a small program to help release manager update some version numbers. 1e74105
@jkeenan jkeenan Credit Felipe Pena. 00ee3f9
@cotto cotto make release manager instructions less ambiguous (hopefully) c331dd5
@felipensp felipensp - Fix bug #1640 e3b20b9
Commits on Jul 17, 2011
@cotto cotto add coke++ as the 3.7.0 release manager 743b6b8
@cotto cotto add more laziness to 1f90d57
@cotto cotto update release manager guide for better laziness, remove debugging pr…
…int statements
@fperrad fperrad [harness.pir] add Winxed 173b634
Commits on Jul 18, 2011
@felipensp felipensp - Regenerated parser 1c90275
@leto leto [doc] Prettify our test suite readme by converting to POD so that it …
…will render nicely on Github
@leto leto [doc] Add another internal link 19582f6
@leto leto [docs] Convert misplaced markdown links to POD links 08481a6
@leto leto [doc] Add some actually useful information to our test suite readme 2c3be63
@leto leto [doc] Keep the coding standard wolves at bay a47aa51
@leto leto [doc] Correct a link to TESTS_STATUS.pod 24ebeaf
@leto leto [doc] Linkify 46ec5ef
@leto leto [doc] Add a readme for the ports/ directory
This file did not get picked up by tools/dev/
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Rework win32/Parrot_dlsym to look in libparrot first, and msvcrt seco…
…nd if the library handle given is null. This is a horrible hack, and it smells terrible.
@coke coke add recent build info for windows.
(and remove stale info)
@coke coke Remove all old (2009 or earlier) build information.
Please submit recent build information for this file.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight SKIP the failing test in debug.t. We don't understand the failure and…
… considering the code involved we probably don't care.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Update win32/x86 status for Coke++. Add note about my platform (win7/…
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Shorten line to meet standard.
(cherry picked from commit f592d3035fc595cf0692fd53a8060a1bab123227)


@coke coke add OS X status. 8e90dea
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Remove CGoto and Exec columns from PLATFORMs, since we don't have tho…
…se anymore. Add update with linux/x64/clang2.8
@jkeenan jkeenan Add Perl coda. 6241045
@coke coke force this file to have unix line endings always
(needed for t/library/streams.t) benabik++
@coke coke all tests pass on windows/re-add darwin report. 83cc98a
@NotFound NotFound provide more info on create socket failing tests 06131a5
Commits on Jul 19, 2011
@jkeenan jkeenan Add 2 entries for darwin/ppc. 43c34c4
@jkeenan jkeenan Change name of file used for testing to force update. 4c9445a
@jkeenan jkeenan Make sure the old file comes out. 8a06578
@jkeenan jkeenan Correct typo in release manager guide. ff8079e
@jkeenan jkeenan Release data for Parrot 3.6.0. 4039e9d
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'master' into tt1047/type_sizes cb9e9b8
@jkeenan jkeenan Update Copyright date. a5afabb
Andy Dougherty avoids sign extension errors by using ptrdiff_t
Trac # 2159
@jkeenan jkeenan Modify on basis of 3.6.0 experience, particularly re server permissio…
…ns, make reconfig, etc. Some POD reformatting.
Commits on Jul 20, 2011
@allisonrandal allisonrandal Changes from Debian packages for 3.3 release. 9e16438
@allisonrandal allisonrandal Minor spelling inconsistency that triggers package warnings 7f3317a
@allisonrandal allisonrandal Merge branch 'master' of e3f816d
@soh-cah-toa soh-cah-toa Fixed a few perldoc errors in src/runcore/* by adding =cut tags at th…
…e end.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'master' of git:// a4dd9e0
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Re-generate lex and yacc files. Merge pull request from Felipe++ a3d4738
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add in a slightly less bad, but still no better, hack to find libc fu…
…nctions on windows. Instead of looking up modules by string name, which are guaranteed to change because 'why the heck not?', we can use an undocumented trick to find the HMODULE owner for a particular function pointer. See in-code comments and TT #2150 for more details.
@leto leto [doc] Remove some antiquated references to svn-- e890ebe
@leto leto [doc] Add instructions about smoking parrot to the test suite readme d78ddd0
@leto leto [doc] Add a note about the smolder_coretest makefile target to the te…
…st suite readme
@soh-cah-toa soh-cah-toa Fixed output regular expression for chroot test in t/dynpmc/os.t so t…
…hat it passes on OpenBSD.
Commits on Jul 21, 2011
@Util Util [TT#1891] Fix calculation of acosh in complex.pmc 6e2c0cf
@Util Util [TT#1891] Restore TODOed tests that now pass 4900212
@Util Util [TT#1891] Correct a bad test value 4e505d1
Commits on Jul 22, 2011
@Util Util [TT#1891] Correct bad negative zeros da5e9ff
@Util Util Simplify asinh, atanh 604bb6f
@Util Util Prevent spurious negative zeros ab7d01c
@Util Util Correct bad negative zeros 6f0bb12