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base: 5dd8c543ab
compare: lorito
Commits on Dec 11, 2010
@leto leto Initial step towards Lorito M0 opcodes as dynops
This is a prototype of Lorito M0 opcodes written in terms of dynamically
loadable opcodes. The purpose of this prototype is to see if current
Parrot opcodes can be written in terms of some basic M0 opcodes.
@leto leto [t] Context op should return a single PMC
Currently dies with:

attempt to access code outside of current code segment

because the program counter is wrong.
@leto leto Add a few useful links to the POD 1042f1e
@leto leto Properly return a CallContext PMC from a dynop 87a903b
@leto leto Implement noop and a skeleton call M0 op c37869e
@leto leto Add an empty preamble 3951a4d
@leto leto Create a LoritoContext PMC, which doesn't work yet c118d1e
Commits on Dec 12, 2010
@leto leto Give LoritoContext PMC some useful attributes 597049c
@leto leto Create a skeleton init VTABLE for LoritoContext 9a53192
Commits on Dec 17, 2010
@leto leto Add a link and a exception payload to a Lorito Context d4097d1
@leto leto Add a REPR and a HOW in LoritoContext cdfebc2
Commits on Dec 18, 2010
@cotto cotto add kapace to CREDITS 042dcef
Commits on Feb 10, 2011
@leto leto Merge branch 'master' into lorito
@leto leto Update a typo and copyright years 81bf270
Commits on Feb 11, 2011
@leto leto Make stuff compile. Linking still fails 385209c
@leto leto Make LoritoContext PMC compile f75b446
@leto leto Add a basic LoritoContext PMC test 8cbccce
@leto leto Improve LoritoContext init and tests 246f4f3
Commits on Feb 14, 2011
@leto leto Add a basic test for Lorito dynops, that fails 1bfda66
Commits on Apr 04, 2011
@cotto cotto Merge branch 'master' into lorito 37adca4
@cotto cotto add M0 prototype dynops, now with 75% more sharp edges a31a6bd
@cotto cotto add a test for m0 prototype ops 987fb06
@cotto cotto various minor fixes to m0 ops 9543274
@cotto cotto switch to FFA for m0 ctx storage, commit various crimes against C to …
…make it work
@cotto cotto add some further tests for non-crashing 31ce228
@cotto cotto add a header with an m0 register name->number enum 644a53b
@cotto cotto add the necessary magic to generate pasm consts from an enum
Right now this results in things like q<m0_add_i ctx, .M0_I1, .M0_I2, .M0_I3>
which is a bit too noisy for non-generated code.
@cotto cotto use a bit of macro hackery to make M0 ops look nicer 614523a
@cotto cotto make register use a little more consistent 2bb961a
@cotto cotto make register use a little more consistent 6d0e704
@cotto cotto make m0ctx "work" 781dd89
@cotto cotto add some TODOs bf688af
Commits on Apr 05, 2011
@cotto cotto better macro name b364ee2
@cotto cotto switch to m0ctx, push ugliness there 85d4ed0
@cotto cotto use m0ctx's variables table for variables de2304e
@cotto cotto rename get_var to load_var 146d730
@cotto cotto add m0_alloc and m0_free, plus minimal test 64379ad
@cotto cotto add some ops whic may or may not prove useful for memory manipulation 818c7ee
@cotto cotto add op docs a13aab9
@cotto cotto add copy_bytes and set, test writing to allocated memory b525721
@cotto cotto add test for copy_mem 40ebd35
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