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Commits on Jul 21, 2011
@leto leto [t][src] Refactor get_pointer test to have a more useful failure message 3078cc6
Commits on Jul 22, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Uncomment the TT #1324 code from compilers/imcc/pbc.c. It was causing…
… a test failure in code that expects to be able to HLL map Sub in an :immediate. This fixes t/dynpmc/subproxy.t
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Bump the number of ops in t/compilers/opsc/06-opsfile.t. This fixes t…
…hat test.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'master' into whiteknight/pbc_pbc b07fb58
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Fix c_arg_assert.t 2ca406f
@Whiteknight Whiteknight fix c_functions_docs.t ed077ec
@Whiteknight Whiteknight fix c_parens.t 0838d53
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Fix opcode_doc.t, and expand some docs for the old-style load_bytecode 5f99543
@Whiteknight Whiteknight +experimental note about load_bytecode_p_s to api.yaml 6e5911f
@leto leto [t] Fix Parrot_PMC_get_pointer and Parrot_PMC_get_pointer_keyed tests…
…, which assumed that memory locations were always positive integers. It just ain't so.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'whiteknight/pbc_pbc' d6cb4d8
Commits on Jul 23, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add :tag(...) syntax to IMCC. This is just a prototype, but is intend…
…ed to be a much more flexible replacement for things like :load, :init, and the rest.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Fix typo, reduce segfaults 697f144
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Remove Parrot_compreg function, which was not being used. TT #1879 7ad5690
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Update api.yaml ad926f3
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add in a mechanism for storing pmc->string mappings, to be used for t…
…ags, in PackFile_ConstTable. Does not serialize, yet
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add code to serialize tags in the const table 9a78722
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Fix several bugs, and get a small example program working correctly e663a9b
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Fix serialization, so we can fetch tagged subs from a PBC f63f200
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Remove TODO note, and use STRINGNULL instead of creating a new empty …
…STRING every time we have a non-method sub
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Remove two TODO notes that are useless 166738c
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add in a new function to try and make better IMCC error messages. Dum…
…p whatever information we can get our hands on into the message, and hope it's enough. Or too much. or not enough.
@felipensp felipensp - Fix conflict efa1dd0
@felipensp felipensp - Fix conflict 6454ac4
Commits on Jul 25, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add a new IGLOBALS_LOADED_PBCS global to be a cache for load_bytecode…
…_p_s. Add a ->path attr to packfile view to optionally hold the string path of the packfile, if it was loaded from a file with load_bytecode_p_s
@Whiteknight Whiteknight get_string_native -> get_string. Why? LOLWTF, that's why. 5ef23c5
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Update PackfileConstantTable PMC to allow for the new tags mechanism 7fe5102
Commits on Jul 26, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add in some code to imcc.y (not used yet) to replace :load and :init …
…with :tag. Fix Parrot_pf_subs_by_flag to treat :init and :load together with :tag seamlessly.
@soh-cah-toa soh-cah-toa Added perldoc to osutils.pir. Also cleaned up source code so I could …
…figure what each function was doing more clearly.
@soh-cah-toa soh-cah-toa Removed a few trailing whitespaces in osutils.pir that were causing t…
…/codingstd/trailing_space.t to fail. Also added some perldoc corrections that were missing because of a delinquent vim swap file.
@moritz moritz recommend --optimize 66e6aee
@Benabik Benabik [POST] Compile VanillaAllocator separately
This had triggered the default .pir.pbc rule, which turns out to be
pretty useless.  (It doesn't wait for $(PARROT) to be built.)
@Benabik Benabik War on Q:PIR - PAST::Compiler.as_post(Val)
This needs to generate POST::Val nodes, but converting it as is to NQP
didn't take too long and makes a good starting point.
@Benabik Benabik Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into nqp_pct 2bfeb7c
@fperrad fperrad [Archive] add some documentation 8cc26e4
@felipensp felipensp Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into imcc_error_message 930fa0f
Commits on Jul 27, 2011
@felipensp felipensp Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mem_sys_strndup' c282bfc
@mikehh mikehh fix codetest failures - trailing spaces and linelength, update copyright 9a88646
@mikehh mikehh fix codetest failure - trailing spaces 74d8790
@leto leto [doc] Add info to NEWS cb6ec5f
@NotFound NotFound fix and unTODO the "exception in new" test, TT #1151 43ba0b0
Commits on Jul 28, 2011
@jkeenan jkeenan Remove import of Data::Dumper. 358549e
@soh-cah-toa soh-cah-toa Added :named('verbose') argument to chmod() in osutils.pir. 62e830a
@soh-cah-toa soh-cah-toa Added perldoc for the install() function in osutils.pir. 171eb16
@soh-cah-toa soh-cah-toa Added tests for file_exists() to t/library/osutils.t. f7f182e
@soh-cah-toa soh-cah-toa Added test for slurp() to t/library/osutils.t. 5ae62b7
@plobsing plobsing [codingstd] c_arg_assert 440f18f
@plobsing plobsing [codingstd] linelength cb07909
@plobsing plobsing [codingstd] c_function_docs 28b69a4
@soh-cah-toa soh-cah-toa Added tests for mkpath() and rmtree() to t/library/osutils.t. 7b9fa19
@plobsing plobsing use a proper struct to manage the format of the tag_map 7835cd1
@plobsing plobsing store tags as a sorted pairs list 4cf23c5
@plobsing plobsing use binary search to determine range of tag map containing querried t…
…ag entries
Commits on Jul 29, 2011
@soh-cah-toa soh-cah-toa Made the code in t/library/osutils.t a little more readable and the t…
…est descriptions more consistent.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight IMCC changes interp->current_pf for compilation but did not reset it.…
… Fix that. Add some tests for new :tag syntax to t/pmc/packfileview.t
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'whiteknight/imcc_tag' of into …
@Whiteknight Whiteknight some much-needed cleanups to imccompiler, to make sure we enter and e…
…xit compilations in a standard way and reset values we change
@soh-cah-toa soh-cah-toa Added test for cp() to t/library/osutils.t. Also created a 'testlib' …
…directory so that mkpath() and others don't operate on the root directory.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add test to prove the IMCC bug I just fixed is actually fixed and sta…
…ys that way
@jkeenan jkeenan [cage] Improve conformance to 'Makefile turnover lines start with har…
…d tab' principle.
@soh-cah-toa soh-cah-toa Added tests for install() and unlink() to t/library/osutils.t. 7b9b14c
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'master' of 702c3ee
@jkeenan jkeenan [cage] hard-tabs on Makefile turnover lines. 35fae10
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add the LOADED_PBCS cache to the load_bytecode_s op. Don't use PackFi…
…le_append_pmc, it's not needed here.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Remove commented out code. We don't need it 4545413
@petdance petdance consting an art in pool_is_owned(), and removed an unused var 8d5cbd7
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add the LOADED_PBCS cache to the load_bytecode_s op. Don't use PackFi…
…le_append_pmc, it's not needed here.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Remove commented out code. We don't need it 2e5eb2a
Commits on Jul 30, 2011
@moritz moritz [docs] document -L $path fb78c2e
@moritz moritz add -L to usage message fcf3adf
@leto leto Decruftify some PASM examples and tests 8cb5dcb
@fperrad fperrad [distutils] update links 238c989
@fperrad fperrad [distutils] gzip & install manpages 4b4315e
@fperrad fperrad [distutils] add item man_pod 775f587
@fperrad fperrad [distutils] fix packages with manpages 566eb81
Commits on Jul 31, 2011
@jkeenan jkeenan Use Storable::nstore instead of Storable::store. Cf.: http://trac.par… ee5f697
@fperrad fperrad [distutils] refactor gziped manpages af5ace7
@fperrad fperrad [distutils] customize pod2man e078354
@NotFound NotFound add missing pod for vtables delete_keyed and delete_keyed_int
and rename the parameter in the later for consistency
Commits on Aug 01, 2011
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Correct trailing whitespace, c parens, unused c arg asser…
…t (ran
@fperrad fperrad [distutils] customize pod2man e5b8ab4
@Benabik Benabik Add PAST::NewCompiler
It compiles to newPOST instead of oldPOST.  Needed because newPOST
doesn't compile to PIR properly.  :-(
@Benabik Benabik Split POST->PBC from POST->PIR d57244a
@Benabik Benabik PBCCompiler - use PackfileView PMC
whiteknight++ for his hard work on making this sensible
@fperrad fperrad [distutils] more doc 585dd73
Commits on Aug 02, 2011
@leto leto [TT#2169] Removed useless,untested and broken and 7db4473
@gagern gagern [TT#2107] Fix dynloading of libraries from exact file name. ff9ad45
Jimmy Zhuo Merge pull request #144 from gagern/tt2107-dynext-get_path
[TT#2107] Fix dynloading of libraries from exact file name.
@NotFound NotFound bare implementatiion of as_string, returning a null string 9192eb0
@NotFound NotFound implement as_string and add a minimal test for it 5553bfa
@Benabik Benabik PCT::HLLCompiler - Add pbc and newpost stages
This allows an HLL to easily use PAST::NewCompiler and
@Benabik Benabik POST::PBCCompiler - use old method to compile
Use the code from bacek's PIR::Compiler to generate a PBC file.
@Benabik Benabik POST::PBCCompiler - Use opcodes, not method calls
- .push() doesn't always call the push viable
- new() and defined() need pir:: to work
@Benabik Benabik POST - Fix storing sub name in packfile ab6d017
@Benabik Benabik Test POST::PBCCompiler
This file will allow me to test newPOST one small portion at a time.
@Benabik Benabik Re-bootstrap PCT
Forgot to include the changes from several of the previous commmits.
@Benabik Benabik Include new test file in MANIFEST 0a20e91
@Benabik Benabik [POST] Let me turn on debugging externally
Having to re-bootstrap just to turn on debugging was a pain.
Commits on Aug 03, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Some extra checks in Parrot_pf_subs_by_flag. This should help to elim…
…inate or reduce issues seen by benabik++
@cotto cotto add a bunch of stub sections to the profiling document 1ecc900
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add a tag cache to PackfileView, to keep track of what initialization…
…s have been performed on it. Add two methods to access this cache. The load_bytecode_s automatically marks a packfile as having been initialized with 'load'
@Whiteknight Whiteknight load_bytecode_s should update the various caches before running do_su…
…b_pragmas, to avoid recursion. Cache PackfileView objects by full path name, not short name, so the two load_bytecode variants are talking the same language
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Fix conflict in merge from master ce51d7f
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to 1.1.devel 7dac8ecc52:
__NAMESPACE__ and __CLASS__ predefined constants
load_packfile builtin
@Benabik Benabik Merge branch 'master' into nqp_pct
Pull in whiteknight++'s extra error checking for Packfile.view
@NotFound NotFound a better test for as_string method and ByteBuffer get_pointer vtable 9dd2908
@Benabik Benabik POST::PBCCompiler - generate sub index properly
The most recently added index is (length - 1), not length.  Oops.
@Benabik Benabik POST::PBCCompler - Add get_or_create_*
The PackfileConstantTable apparently had different functions for
different types.  Now it just has one name and acts based on the type
of thing.  Since NQP stores everything as a PMC we need different
functions.  The find_caller_lex bit may be a bit strange, but it makes
the conversion faster.
@Benabik Benabik POST::PBCCompiler.pbc - use PackfileView
The part in the other methods that's failing is the setup in
Packfile.view.  So let's use load_bytecode__ps to get a Packfile PMC
and work with that.
@Benabik Benabik Re-bootstrap POST::PBCCompiler 2267de1
@Benabik Benabik [PCT] Add return test for newPOST
It's TODO'd as it doesn't seem to work yet.  And based on the fact
that I never see the "foo" outputted, the function isn't getting
called.  But decompiling and running /tmp/temp.pbc shows it seems to
be compiling properly.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'whiteknight/load_bytecode' ae00b64
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'whiteknight/load_bytecode' 770a61c
Commits on Aug 04, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight +fix checkdepend.t 7d086f7
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Throw an exception if we can't find the bytecode path 0fb44aa
@NotFound NotFound use platfrom encoding if encodingname is omited or null in as_string c78508a
@Benabik Benabik POST::PBCCompiler - Make pbc take a packfile
Instead of calling packfile itself, make it so that either pbc or
mainpmc should be called as a stage after packfile.
@Benabik Benabik [newpost.t] Cleanups: better names, comments
- remove useless say after return
- add todo reason (instead of 1)
@Benabik Benabik [newpost.t] Add more basic tests
Sanity tests like type checking return values.
@Benabik Benabik POST::PBCCompiler - use tempdir to make temp file
Not using the same name over and over again means that we can run it
more than once in the same program and load_bytecode's cache won't
confuse us.  This unbreaks the test and gets us to generating code!
@NotFound NotFound implement as_string method also in the Ptr PMC 1a38fbe
@Benabik Benabik [newpost.t] Allow named args to compiler
Useful for debugging
@Benabik Benabik [newpost.t] Test returning all non-PMC values
We can now return integers, floats, and strings.
Even all three at once!
@Benabik Benabik PCT::HLLCompiler - use PBCCompiler.pbc
mainpmc doesn't work very well yet...
@Benabik Benabik Enable compiling very simple PAST trees to PBC 4005ef3
@Whiteknight Whiteknight tabs -> spaces in newpost.t ebdd931
Commits on Aug 05, 2011
@jkeenan jkeenan Correct grammatical error in documentation. 4334988
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Add ASSERT_ARGS to two functions. c2f2543
@fperrad fperrad [Archive/Zip] revert some commits about I/O 098363a
@fperrad fperrad [Archive/Zip] some fix, see TT#2171 a39491c
@leto leto Remove from tools.json so the htmlhelp target works 6e6fa41
@petdance petdance removed two unused functions 52b8e8d
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'master' of 2b13970
Commits on Aug 06, 2011
@dafrito dafrito PCT tutorial: Added a missing space in episode 7 908cd83
@dafrito dafrito Noted that PGE is in update-only mode 6801e9a
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge pull request #145 from dafrito/doc_fix
Doc fix from dafrito++
@NotFound NotFound Merge branch 'NotFound/nci_as_string' into nci_as_string_ready f68edf1
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge from master, fix conflicts af176c8
@Whiteknight Whiteknight +docs for two static functions in PackfileView 50702b3
@dafrito dafrito make_html_docs: moved deglobbing code into separate function 022e217
@dafrito dafrito make_html_docs: resources are now copied to $target_dir ee7c4e3
@dafrito dafrito PodToHtml: generate a title from the filename if one isn't given
We depend on a title being present when we list it in index files,
otherwise the file shows up as the empy string. This generation code
isn't meant to be perfect; it just provides a more useful default than
'untitled' or ''.
@dafrito dafrito Removed underscore from 'PCT_Tutorial' title c9b3ea4
@dafrito dafrito release_manager_guide: decapitalize title
The pod2html generation doesn't recognize all-caps heads as titles, so
this document disappeared from the index page, and appeared as untitled
everywhere else. Plus, the other Parrot guides aren't capitalized
either, so it's also a bit more consistent.
@dafrito dafrito Renamed ep1 to exclude 'PCT Tutorial'
This already included in the breadcrumb and other links that refer to
this tutorial, so I figure it can go.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight rename subs_by_flag -> subs_by_tag, to be more synchronous with the :…
…tag syntax
@dafrito dafrito pct_tut - ep2: add image, reworded surrounding paragraphs for clarity
Minor rephrasing, just so the image flows better with the surrounding
@dafrito dafrito pct_tut - ep4: added a few newlines d577fbb
@Benabik Benabik Tabs -> spaces in PCT::HLLCompiler 9302f38
@dafrito dafrito PodToHtml: Documented the title-generation code
A real-world example of this code in action would have been the commit
6780a31 where "RELEASE MANAGER GUIDE" was not recognized.
@leto leto [doc] How to find unmerged branches 95160c0
@dafrito dafrito make_html_docs: move both functions beneath exec'd code a822e17
@dafrito dafrito make_html_docs: Lots more doc, explained JSON syntax/process e0ba9b3
@dafrito dafrito Add dafrito to CREDITS b13e39d
@leto leto Merge pull request #148 from dafrito/doc_fixes
Revised doc fixes
@leto leto Merge branch 'dafrito_doc_fixes' c059a67
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'master' of 2b93f23
@jnthn jnthn Avoid deep-cloning symtable in PAST::Compiler. 1f0d63c
Commits on Aug 07, 2011
@Benabik Benabik Avoid deep-cloning symtable in PAST::Compiler.
From:	1f0d63c
Author:	Jonathan Worthington <>
@Benabik Benabik Re-bootstrap PCT
Preparing for a merge with master and want to be sure all changes made
it into the bootstrap.
@Benabik Benabik Merge branch 'master' into nqp_pct
@fperrad fperrad [distutils] don't gzip on MSWin32 66f52e4
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'master' of 7895c8a
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Insert placeholders for documentation of 'find_called_tag…
…' and 'add_called_tag'.
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Correct POD formatting error. 557292f
@jkeenan jkeenan Fix links to point to df18c04
@jkeenan jkeenan Clean up two links (somewhat). 14cd84a
@jkeenan jkeenan Correct link. c22867e
@felipensp felipensp - Added a NEWS entry for mem_sys_strndup b9e1949
@Benabik Benabik PCT::HLLCompiler - create new PAST::NewCompilers
It uses object attributes, so has to be reinitialized for each compilation.
@Benabik Benabik PAST::Compiler - don't add return to empty blocks
This ended up with a POST::Op(undef, :pirop<return>) in the POST tree,
which confused poor POST::PBCCompiler.
@Benabik Benabik newpast.t - make basic_tests simpler
Test for slightly less details and do less debugging output.
Also, test empty block instead of a block with value.
@Benabik Benabik newpast.t - Test returning a variety of values a386a03
Commits on Aug 08, 2011
@jkeenan jkeenan Trimmed section on predereferencing (as long advised in POD 'for' sec…
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'tt2167/nstore' c70c89c
@jkeenan jkeenan Add two image files to MANIFEST. 8c5cac5
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'master' of b72c487
Commits on Aug 09, 2011
@jkeenan jkeenan The Makefile variable representing parrot-prove should have a more ac…
…curate name, so as not to suggest that it is representing Perl 5's prove.
@dbolser dbolser Isn't it cleaner (and also backwards compatible) to recommend:
  git checkout -t origin/username/foo

Instead of what you have currently, which is:
  git checkout -b username/foo origin/username/foo

Sorry if I'm being ignorant, but the former was recommended to me in so I thought I'd pass it along.
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'master' of 3bc8f96
@cotto cotto Merge pull request #151 from dbolser/patch-2
Isn't it cleaner (and also backwards compatible) to recommend:
@NotFound NotFound finalize an exception in config generation 70cca2a
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Remove some unused/unimplemented cruft from MultiSub f4a6420
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Remove more unnecessary vtables. Fallback to the default.pmc has the …
…same effect as throwing an unconditional exception, but the error messages are just a bit different
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'master' of 3764b88
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'tt2007/html_links' bb0b13f
Commits on Aug 10, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight More cleanups for MultiSub 79e57fb
@cotto cotto start adding some meat to the profiling documentation 7c334b2
@gerdr gerdr fixed architecture detection
work on hints file for msys, currently with hardcoded paths
@gerdr gerdr add proper path translation e65b86b
@gerdr gerdr path translation for temporary test files, skip hanging test pmc/thre…
@gerdr gerdr properly translate path used for prefix of non-installed Parrot ea819be
@Whiteknight Whiteknight IMCC looks like it was trying to support :multi(_) and :multi('_'), b…
…ut the later was handled incorrectly and nonsensically. Fix this so now we can do :multi('_') also, for generic pmcs
@gerdr gerdr add quotes to correctly handle paths with spaces 94c06d7
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'master' of 0a4ca49
Commits on Aug 11, 2011
@jkeenan jkeenan Grammatical corrections and POD touchups. 25e6b7a
@cotto cotto clean up intro 404f896
@cotto cotto remove formatting for something not intended to be a formatted list f2203bf
@gerdr gerdr explicitly probe for sys/utsname.h e5d9490
@gerdr gerdr don't backslash-escape on MSYS
added some comments
@gerdr gerdr Merge branch 'msys' f3cbe37
@Benabik Benabik War on Q:PIR - PAST::Compiler.post_children
I was going to leave this, but it doesn't behave properly for newPOST.
@Benabik Benabik newpast/newpost.t - add plan 74006ad
@Benabik Benabik PAST::NewCompiler - compile Val nodes
This compiles Float, Integer, and String constants to POST::Constants.
@Benabik Benabik POST::PBCCompiler - reindent
The file mostly used four space indents, but there were random lines
with tabs.
@Benabik Benabik POST::PBCCompiler - fix compiler setup
It should use stages, not a second language declaration.  Also, the
stages were wrong.
@Benabik Benabik PAST::NewCompiler - wrap tree in Sub if needed
POST::Compiler wraps non POST::Subs in an anonymous sub, but it's to
do it earlier for newPOST.
@Benabik Benabik t/compiler/pct/complete_workflow - use newPOST
This makes it so all complete workflow tests use both the PIR and the
newPOST compilation methods.
@bubaflub bubaflub [TT #2176] use Parrot's Config to determine what extension an object …
…file should

@Benabik Benabik [PCT] Fix codetest complaints 559ced1
Commits on Aug 12, 2011
@jkeenan jkeenan Rebreak lines so as to demonstrate smart whitespace matching better. … c3f359c
@Whiteknight Whiteknight +docs for Exception.backtrace_strings. TT #2175 6a0599e
Commits on Aug 13, 2011
@fperrad fperrad [distutils] remove the target sdist_zip b60c778
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'whiteknight/multisub_cleanup' 17d3cd0
@Whiteknight Whiteknight +add load_bytecode_p_s to NEWS 361e440
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge in from master, fixing a few conflicts in imcc a5fc564
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'master' of git:// into gerdr/msys b3ced86
@jkeenan jkeenan Update msys-related tests. gerdr++. Update copyright dates. 7d3ff40
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Make file pass 3 codingstd tests. a94f568
@jkeenan jkeenan Report improved configuration support for msys. gerdr++. 284dad3
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'master' of d8d5cce
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Remove a TODO note, and put in some basic bounds-checking code. I sti…
…ll don't like this but it's slightly better.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'whiteknight/imcc_tag' f957d20
@Whiteknight Whiteknight I used the wrong %type for subtags rule in imcc.y. Fix that to make g…
…++ shut up. Fix a function declaratio and prototype that got mangled/lost in the merge
Commits on Aug 14, 2011
@Whiteknight Whiteknight add :tag to news 7090743
@Whiteknight Whiteknight comment out two lines of code which the win32 build seems not to like. ee22d5c
@cotto cotto mark write barrier deprecation as completed 0b8c973
@gerdr gerdr add gerdr to CREDITS d0dc2ca
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge pull request #153 from gerdr/master
add gerdr to CREDITS
@Whiteknight Whiteknight +docs for Parrot_pf_tag_constant 51d0321
@Whiteknight Whiteknight ASSERT_ARGS(Parrot_pf_tag_constant) ec52bab
@jkeenan jkeenan Credit atrodo. 1a71d5c
Commits on Aug 16, 2011
@cotto cotto temporarily delete an unfinished section in the profiling doc b9fb194
@cotto cotto don't install parrot_debugger
it may work, but segfaulting on --help is a non-starter
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to 1.1.0 and add its news e4ff789
Commits on Aug 17, 2011
@coke coke prep for release 3.7.0 9114095
@NotFound NotFound update example ls.pir to recent changes in NCI (no 't' type) 7a9e7ad
@NotFound NotFound die nicely if opendir fails in example ls.pir 91518de
Commits on Aug 18, 2011
@NotFound NotFound add function Parrot_str_new_init and replace common parts of to_strin…
…g methods with a call to it
@NotFound NotFound allow NULL in ignored parameter, TT #2182, ligne++ 865c881
@Benabik Benabik Merge branch 'master' into nqp_pct 21ba7f8
Commits on Aug 20, 2011
@Benabik Benabik [docs] Document bytecode generation for PCT
This adds a simple document that gives the bare bones about how to use
newPOST and what to expect if you do.  The list of known issues is
very short, mostly because I haven't found a good way to generate a
comprehensive list.
@Benabik Benabik Fix POD syntax in bytecode.pod
I'm not used to writing POD, and I used =cut where I should have used
@Benabik Benabik POST::PBCCompiler - fix calling init subs
1) Since we're about to call main, we should only use init instead of
init and load.

2) PackfileView.subs_by_flag is now called subs_by_tag
@Benabik Benabik PAST::Compiler - fix tempregs
1) I stored the "constant" TEMPREG_BASE in the tempreg frames.  This
meant that there was only one tempreg counter for all types that never
decremented.  Fix by cloning the Integer PMC.

2) The PIR code for tempreg() used the value before incrementing to
generate the register value.  Do this in NQP too, so that the
generated PIR is identical.
@Benabik Benabik POST::Compiler - fix file annotations
I hadn't noticed that the %0 inside inline PIR got ate.  Use %% so
that the format gets all the way through to the generated PIR.
Commits on Aug 21, 2011
@Benabik Benabik PAST::Compiler - fix unicode escaping
It used to miss a \u sequence at the beginning of the string.
@Benabik Benabik [pct]: Add 'signature' attribute to PAST::Node
to explicitly request a particular signature for evaluating children.

From:	c899706
Author:	pmichaud <>
@Benabik Benabik PAST::Compiler.chain - fix typo
Need to use .new on a class in order to create a new object.
@Benabik Benabik PAST::Compiler.try - fix typo
Nobody knows what a POST::Lable is.