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base: 5dd8c543ab
compare: whiteknight/gc_finalize
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Commits on Mar 18, 2012
@gerdr gerdr Add temporary fix for issue #378 ecaac1a
@gerdr gerdr Add workaround for issue #742 fd5866e
@gerdr gerdr Add missing parentheses 9e4fd96
@gerdr gerdr Add cast to make g++ happy ca77718
@gerdr gerdr Add missing casts to fix for issue #742 e445c0a
Commits on Mar 19, 2012
@petdance petdance renamed i to j, so that it doesn't shadow an outer one 2ba6a6f
@petdance petdance removed unused var "next_op" be241d6
@petdance petdance removed unused functions 76a324a
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to 1.6.0 - f21196808c cd06be8
Commits on Mar 20, 2012
@leto leto [doc] Add some useful links to the ChangeLog 228daeb
@leto leto Run perl tools/release/ 4.2.0 c743042
@leto leto Add some native pbc 671468c
@leto leto [ffi] Get tools/dev/mk_native_pbc working again by adding logic for w…
…hen numvalsize=16; LTA
@leto leto [doc] Fix line-length failures 9522930
@jkeenan jkeenan Rerun to pick up one file. 0e75eb6
Commits on Mar 21, 2012
@leto leto [nci] Fix definition of ffi_type_parrot_numval when NUMVAL_SIZE=16 an…
…d add some native pbc
@fperrad fperrad [osutils] refactor with unlink/rmdir instead of rm ddd6fb6
@leto leto [doc] Linkify some filenames in the release manager guide so the HTML…
… rendering on Github is more useful
@leto leto [doc][ci skip] Add a note about the tool to the relea…
…se manager guide
@leto leto Merge pull request #743 from gerdr/gerdr/mingw-gpp
Fix g++ issues with Strawberry Perl on Win64
@petdance petdance Use proper /* */ C-style comments, not C++-style // comments which so…
…me compilers do not handle
@petdance petdance remove nested comments 16d0081
@petdance petdance remove the //-style comments that are causing problems embedded in co…
@petdance petdance All instances of get_program_code() need to return unsigned char * 4b167c1
@leto leto [ci] Only send IRC notifications when build status changes, for moritz++ 0b292f8
@petdance petdance Don't be so strict about prototypes because we can't control system l…
…ibraries, and a function declaration of foo() instead of foo(void) makes this error trip.
@petdance petdance Turn the strict-prototypes back to an error.
Include the ICU flags as -isystem instead of -I, so GCC knows to ignore warnings in ICU includes.
not_gerd++ for showing the way, and benabik++ for being the guinea pig.
@jkeenan jkeenan [configure] Update test file to reflect changes in auto::icu configur…
…ation step.
Commits on Mar 22, 2012
@petdance petdance quiet some unused variable warnings d344da6
@ayardley ayardley Start work on 66a7335
@ayardley ayardley Remove emacs' temporary working file. 76b9b10
@ayardley ayardley Add 'docs/projecet/release_parrot_github_guide.pod' into the branch. 177fc78
@ayardley ayardley Merge branch 'master' into ayardley/parrot_github_release f8d97af
Commits on Mar 23, 2012
@petdance petdance const a local variable. Minor spacing tweaks 2f0e851
@petdance petdance Added compile-time assertion macros, and added our first check that I…
…NTVAL and opcode_t are the same size
@petdance petdance fixed an incorrectly-built error name 6f23924
@petdance petdance Turn off warning for unused local typedefs, because that is how we do…
@leto leto [ci skip][doc] s/Trac ticket/Github issue/ 8ec7bb6
@gerdr gerdr Fix fallout from increased warning levels on Mac OS e29d4a8
@petdance petdance Merge pull request #748 from gerdr/gerdr/darwin-fix
Fix fallout from increased warning levels on Mac OS
@jkeenan jkeenan Add a dependency so that t/src/checkdepend.t again passes. f64dce9
@ayardley ayardley Automation of the first part of the process -- to archive 'docs/' to …
…the parrot-docsx repo -- complete.
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Make file pass c_parens standard. 8997125
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Make api.h pass c_parens and c_operator tests.
It's still failing c_macro_args due to "PARROT_STATIC_ASSERT has unwrapped arg: X".
@NotFound NotFound add parens to humor codetest 52063c3
Commits on Mar 24, 2012
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'kid51/makefile_variables' ba6af98
Commits on Mar 25, 2012
@leto leto Unbreak the parrallel build by making prt0* depend on miniparrot d1142ed
@niner niner Fix documentation to match the VTABLE function names they document 003b2b8
@leto leto [doc][ci skip] Add a note to the cage cleaner guide about running par…
@jkeenan jkeenan Add counsel to test changes to Makefile templatest with 'make -jN' fo…
…r N>1.
@jkeenan jkeenan Merge branch 'master' of c29badb
Commits on Mar 26, 2012
@petdance petdance mark unused stuff with UNUSED() bc6c413
@petdance petdance consting dbc0db7
@petdance petdance inlined allocate_more_chunks() which is called in only one place 67cec30
@petdance petdance Parrot_pa_is_owned() is not something for public consumption, and doe…
…s not use the interp, so get rid of the interp as an argument. Also, all arguments to the function can be consted.
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Correct error in POD syntax. 0e22699
@petdance petdance Add the new -Wuseless-cast flag for G++ 4.8 and beyond fc53321
@petdance petdance start_line is unsigned_long, so casting is unnecessary 0cc333e
@petdance petdance 0 need not be cast to (int) fb20fdc
Commits on Mar 27, 2012
@petdance petdance removing unnecessary and noisy casts 783b189
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to 1.7.devel a990cfe
Fix default values
Commits on Mar 28, 2012
@petdance petdance consting a local var 30370fc
@petdance petdance removed unnecessary casts da228ae
@petdance petdance Clarify the headerizer target in the help message 581af05
@petdance petdance remove unnecessary casting of cur_opcode 945d1c8
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to 34657cf - fixes for parameter defaults 5d83828
Commits on Mar 29, 2012
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to 375562d
- Default values in multiassign
- Minor fixes
@ayardley ayardley autogen script to package and supporting repositori…
…es - 99 percent complete and tested.
@ayardley ayardley Minor pod corrections. 4b6718e
Commits on Mar 30, 2012
@leto leto Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/gh363/dlclose' 1c0e26c
@ayardley ayardley A handful of rather minor edits. d5e1ffc
@niner niner Unbreak the build on gcc broken by 6050332 0488f0a
@niner niner Fix codingstd violations in src/platform/generic/dl.c 905dba7
@niner niner make bootstrap-ops which should have been done with 945d1c8 6a4efe6
@petdance petdance Move the "return -1" outside the #if, so that we return -1 if the han…
…dle is not found
Commits on Mar 31, 2012
@petdance petdance return proper NULLs instead of 0 for pointers 65e944b
@petdance petdance localized some variables and consted some pointers e4d981a
@petdance petdance Added proper headerizer section 84e0c30
@petdance petdance * Removed unnecessary casting
* Removed unnecessary interp arguments for the static functions that don't use them.
* Flag many interpreters as unused
@petdance petdance Reverting to 84e0c30 7edf9b9
@petdance petdance removed unnecessary casts, and UNUSED() some INTERPs. c64b1e9
Commits on Apr 01, 2012
@petdance petdance removed useless casts 4800aef
@leto leto [doc] Add a changelog section for 4.3.0 8a3e561
Commits on Apr 02, 2012
@ayardley ayardley Untabify the script. b81dfc8
@ayardley ayardley Add to MANIFEST 1a04f68
@ayardley ayardley Corrections to quiet perlcritic dce0660
@ayardley ayardley Merge branch 'master' into ayardley/parrot_github_release 2536b7e
@ayardley ayardley Update release_parrot_github_guide.pod to reflect its more historical…
… nature given we now have the '' auto-tool.
@ayardley ayardley Minor edits and simple fixes 7dce570
@ayardley ayardley Update the Release Manager Guide to reflect the inclusion of the 'too…
…ls/release/' script.
@ayardley ayardley Update ChangeLog to reflect new 'tools/release/parrot_github_release.…
…pl' script and updates to 'docs/project/release_manager_guide.pod' and 'docs/project/release_parrot_github_guide.pod'.
Commits on Apr 03, 2012
@petdance petdance Added ASSERT_ARGS calls 53a07f9
@petdance petdance the arg to remove_handle_entry() can be NULL 5b6d3dc
@bacek bacek Get rid of CallContext.current_object. It's useless 8f5eff6
@bacek bacek Fix push_handle_entry signature. NULL handles are kind of valid c32af4b
@moritz moritz remove unused variable de3545f
Commits on Apr 04, 2012
@Benabik Benabik Remove unused context_gc_mark variable
Also removes the Parrot_sub_mark_context_start function, whose only
purpose was to increment that variable.

It looks like the variable was designed to prevent corruption of
contexts while performing GC.  However, nothing has used the variable
since 540d4c3 "Merge context_pmc3 branch into trunk." back in 2009.

Found by nine++
Commits on Apr 05, 2012
@ayardley ayardley Fixed incorrect taret -- i.e., push to gh-pages not master in 'parrot…
…-docsx' repo.
@ayardley ayardley Merge branch 'ayardley/parrot_github_release' 8762210
@ayardley ayardley Added Whiteknight as the Release Manager for May 15, 2012. da3ed58
@petdance petdance removed unnecessary casts d054e19
@petdance petdance get the regex for cuddled elses a little broader, and then fix the cu…
…ddled elses it found
@petdance petdance mark an unused INTERP 5de6147
Commits on Apr 07, 2012
@petdance petdance Removed unnecessary cast. Localized a loop variable. 28e0dd3
Commits on Apr 09, 2012
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Implement StringBuilder.push_integer vtable, so we can assemble strin…
…gs by pushing raw codepoints instead of needing to first create a 1-character string (chr_s_i) and then pushing that string to the StringBuilder
Commits on Apr 10, 2012
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Make src/pmc/stringbuilder.pmc pass c_arg_assert.t.
But it's failing pmc_docs.t because no one added documentation for a new
@NotFound NotFound POD for static helper functions 63c15b7
@NotFound NotFound add function POD and argument decorators to calculate_capacity ee4c8c9
@petdance petdance Treat printed_flag_p like the boolean it is, rather than pretending i…
…t's a counter
@petdance petdance Remove unnecessary cast f17bd2d
@petdance petdance adding more function annotations 81d3c08
Commits on Apr 11, 2012
@petdance petdance UNUSED an INTERP 912b204
Commits on Apr 12, 2012
@Benabik Benabik LexPad: Add register_type method
This allows for the type of a lexical to be introspected before
retrieval.  This is useful because attempting to store the lexical in
the wrong type of register throws an error.
Commits on Apr 13, 2012
@petdance petdance mark some more UNUSED interps. Remove an unnecessary var initialization 0c62b2d
@petdance petdance Removed unnecsary interp arg from Parrot_pa_insert. Changed the ARGIN…
…(self) to ARGMOD. Fixed some spelling typos.
@petdance petdance fixed Parrot_pa_insert comment 8bb19e3
Commits on Apr 14, 2012
@petdance petdance Properly escape the . in qr/.t/ 18ac2cd
@petdance petdance removed unnecessary /o flags from regexes b878029
Commits on Apr 15, 2012
@ayardley ayardley There is no 'NEWS' ([t]here's the truth of the signal, and then there…
…'s the puppet theatre .... :).
@ayardley ayardley Added myself as a Release Manager for the June release. 446acba
Commits on Apr 16, 2012
@cotto cotto fix alignment issues on ia64, sparc and mipsel, courtesy of Alessandr…
…o Ghedini
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to 1.7.0 f6408f7
Commits on Apr 18, 2012
@cotto cotto add a bit of news to the changelog a760dcf
@cotto cotto update to 4.3.0 a09a954
@cotto cotto add release.json f061523
@cotto cotto one last change for 4.3.0 1197bf4
@ayardley ayardley Fixed 'git push' command to 'parrot-docsx' repo. 5653919
@ayardley ayardley Trying to get the push to 'parrot-docsx' correct. 468f547
@ayardley ayardley Minor fix: Failed to 'chomp' the 'VERSION' on input. 5f6f791
Commits on Apr 19, 2012
@petdance petdance consting args a71d1fd
@fperrad fperrad [t] fix shebang 613e1f9
Commits on Apr 20, 2012
@petdance petdance Add a test to check for conflicting file names in the repo b5026c2
@petdance petdance Add get_all_files() method f8df6a7
Commits on Apr 21, 2012
@jkeenan jkeenan Correct one wording error in POD. f5e9e9f
@petdance petdance removed unnecessary var initialization 1d627eb
@pmichaud pmichaud [string]: Enable upcase/downcase opcode to work on ucs2/ucs4/utf16 en…
…coded strings if all codepoints are in the Latin-1 range.
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to a3fe1bd
- Jump version to 1.8 devel
- Show backtrace in driver
Commits on Apr 24, 2012
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Remove trailing whitespace. 07ddfe5
@Benabik Benabik PCT::HLLCompiler - Make version useful
The version string from PCT::HLLCompiler was always:

    This compiler is built with the Parrot Compiler Toolkit, parrot
    revision 1.

Change that to include the version and git_describe instead, like:

    This compiler is built with the Parrot Compiler Toolkit, parrot
    4.3.0 revision RELEASE_4_3_0-13-g16f3fbe
@Benabik Benabik codingstd: Remake MANIFEST
It was missing t/codingstd/case_sensitive_files.t
@Benabik Benabik Winxed: Make executable depend on language
Without this, attempting to use winxed mid-build (say for PCT) fails
with "winxed: Cannot load language".

Fix suggested by NotFound++
Commits on Apr 25, 2012
@petdance petdance flag unused interps 1d5965c
@petdance petdance localize variables to inner blocks, and remove unused vars 4c75c02
@gerdr gerdr Fix ICU config issues on MSVC reported by Mark Solinski e77d9c4
@petdance petdance Merge pull request #757 from gerdr/gerdr/msvc-icu-fix
Fix ICU config issues on MSVC reported by Mark Solinski
Commits on Apr 27, 2012
@jkeenan jkeenan _handle_ccflags_status() has been simplified, so we can simplify the …
…corresponding step tests.
Commits on Apr 28, 2012
@ayardley ayardley Removed the word 'experimental' and the implication that our html doc…
…s are 'experimental' from the doc. Why? Because it's misleading. Our auto-generation of html docs is no longer 'experimental'.
@ayardley ayardley Removed references to 'PIL - Pugs' Interemediate Language'; 'PIRATE' …
…- Parrot's supposed 'next generation compiler'; and 'PIRC' - a, according to Whiteknight, dead project.
@ayardley ayardley Minor modification of some otherwise awkward language. b71c965
@NotFound NotFound define named values for magic numbers used in exception handling long…
… jumps
@NotFound NotFound create function Parrot_ex_get_current_handler to avoid duplicated cod…
…e in core.ops
Commits on Apr 29, 2012
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Correct misplaced '--back'. 6e92ffe
@moritz moritz Merge remote branch 'origin/kill_current_object' 5c81f3e
@NotFound NotFound replace some magic numbers with a define a5d4e23
Commits on Apr 30, 2012
@petdance petdance consted a local var 2af81f0
Commits on May 03, 2012
@moritz moritz fix failing tests after kill_current_object merge, kid51++
three are fixed by updating to non-ancient calling conventions
(self as first invocant). The fourth was in PASM, and is now gone
@Benabik Benabik IMCC: Be more careful with pointers parsing FIAs
- Don't let the end be before the start
- Incrementing past NULL is generally considered poor on a C string.
Commits on May 04, 2012
@rurban rurban mark stack-overflow gc for clang -faddress-sanitizer fails in
trace_mem_block() with a stack invalid READ, which is actually valid in our GC
. Since this is the only function we just use the recommended detection and attribute
here once.
Jimmy Zhuo Merge pull request #762 from rurban/master
mark stack-overflow gc for clang -faddress-sanitizer
@NotFound NotFound fix check for address_sanitizer feature 1eff807
@petdance petdance Added the PARROT_NO_ADDRESS_SAFETY_ANALYSIS macro, plus support for i…
…t in the Headerizer.
@petdance petdance Merge pull request #763 from rurban/master
api_string_export_wchar + PARROT_NO_ADDRESS_SAFETY_ANALYSIS redef
@petdance petdance localized and consted some local variables. Parenthesized another mal…
…loc call like in df12f34
@rurban rurban api_string_export_wchar allocated one too less
clang -faddress-sanitizer detected this heap-buffer-overflow in
t/src/embed/strings.t, allocated 173 bytes only, writing to cstr[173].
@rurban rurban avoid PARROT_NO_ADDRESS_SAFETY_ANALYSIS redefinition warnings 8bd397a
@rurban rurban avoid invalid unaligned StructView_set_integer_keyed access
clang -faddress-sanitizer found this invalid read access in two scenarios:
1: cptr[8/8] with uint1
2: off-by-one access on multi-byte values
@petdance petdance Merge pull request #764 from rurban/master
last found asan bug (I hope)
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Eliminate hard tabs and make indentation nice. 6c302cf
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'master' into whiteknight/eh_subclass 8431553
Commits on May 05, 2012
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Remove a test file that was accidentally committed long ago ed6c53c
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add a new Parrot_x_execute_on_exit_handlers to call exit handlers. Us…
…e that in the embedding API to fix an error where we were destroying the interp before attempting to call these handlers. This *should* fix #765
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Fix some build errors from un-thought-out attribute accesses. kid51++…
… for the catch
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Enable GC finalize at parrot destroy. Refactor the destroy process to…
… not use at-exit processing, because the at-exit mechanism requires GC stuff to be available (which it isn't if we destroy the interp during at-exit). Tests expect Parrot_interp_destroy() to do nothing, so create a new Parrot_interp_destroy_for_exit which does gc finalization and frees resources
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Some small cleanups ab20bd9
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Remove the PARROT_DESTROY_FLAG. That flag was optionally enabling GC …
…finalization. If we're always finalizing, we don't need that flag. This is the --leak-test commandline option
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Put together a few Pobj-alike macros for working with the Key flags. …
…Use them in the Key PMC to clean up a little
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Use the new KEY_ macros in src/key.c to cleanup some code and make it…
… more readable
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add several prototype introspection methods to Key PMC for working wi…
…th register references
Commits on May 06, 2012
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Fix an ASSERT_ARGS ommision. Coke++ for the catch 55eec22
@Whiteknight Whiteknight update pbc_merge to merge the list of tags in the constants segment 419bd98
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Fix conflict, remove embed API routine that doesn't belong in master yet 1f7fdf7
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add new routine Parrot_pf_get_annotations_segment. Use it in IMCC to …
…clean up some code. Use it in pbc_merge, along with some other magic, to implement merging annotations. Annotations need a lot more documentation.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Headerizer to fix build a40984c
@ayardley ayardley Correcting my earlier failure to include 'release_parrot_github_guide…
….pod' in the output to the auto-gen'd 'Developers Documentation' page.
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Add one assert macro. Insert placeholder documentation in…
… two locations.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Fix pbc_merge to properly merge debug segments now that we are dedupl…
…icating string constants
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Fix linelength and c_parens violations. fd34a70
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Add ASSERT_ARGS in two locations. 947772b
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Correct POD-formatting error. Add placeholder C function …
…docs; one function still failing for unknown reason.
@ayardley ayardley Merge branch 'master' of cd71fe1
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add in some missing function-level docs. kid51++ for the catch. Also …
…fix a little bit of formatting so the debugging statement doesn't exceed the line length requirement.
@ayardley ayardley Correct the title so that '' can pick it up and proper…
…ly display it.
@ayardley ayardley Merge branch 'master' of 8e8e085
@coke coke up the fudge factor on this test to pass on OS X a858d47
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Start a changelog entry for 4.4.0. Mention the pbc_merge fixes. cb468ba
Commits on May 07, 2012
@Whiteknight Whiteknight PackFile_pack_size should return size_t instead of opcode_t. This fixes
#755. alester++ for finding this.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add pointer modifiers to show which pointers are modified 1ed6d65
@Benabik Benabik Clean up t/dynpmc/gziphandle.t stream tests
* The two throws_substring tests had nothing to do with the rest of
  the tests in that function.  Split them out into another function.

* Make some test messages clearer.

* Include comments for non-test portions.

* Use variable names so new developers don't have to remember what
  registers are for.

* Fudge by 1 byte for problematic zlib version on OS X
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add in a note about introspection methods for Key PMC in #717. b90faed
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Let's just call a spade a spade. parrot_debugger does not take any fl…
…ags or commandline options, so test for them and fail if they are found. Also, the PIR compilation pathway does not work and it isn't worth the effort to fix it, so delete it. This fixes #540. The 'real' solution is to delete this file entirely and write a new debugger.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Fix LexPad.get_iter to return an iterator of name->value paurs in the…
… LexPad.

Previously this was redirecting to LexInfo.get_iter, which is a name->register_index hash. Creating the new, correct, iterator requires the creation of two temporary PMCs which is not performance-friendly. This is the best we can do with the current implementation of LexInfo/LexPad. This commit fixes #575.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add in a test for the new LexPad.get_iter implementation.
This test code is a modified version of the test code provided by pmichaud in #575.
@petdance petdance consting an arg and re-headerizing 830e791
@petdance petdance reheaderized, and removed an unused memory allocation 094b1d5
@petdance petdance remove unused var, and localize some loop variables f6ed02d
@jkeenan jkeenan Revert 830e791; it broke the build.
Developers:  Please don't commit to master if you haven't run 'make test'.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight pbc_disassemble, with no arguments, should print the help message. Th…
…is fixes #505
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Remove all uses of the unused, undocumented, meaningless :base_core m…
…odifier from ops. This fixes #275
Commits on May 08, 2012
@cotto cotto unTODO pmc docs tests - these need to be fixed rather than papered over 7129bfe
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to 1.8.0
- Local inline
- Operator defined
- Lexical modifier for var
- get_context builtin
- Improved inline
@cotto cotto add docs to the Object PMC 0c3e7c5
@NotFound NotFound bootstrap prt0 6c43bd2
@cotto cotto add function docs to the Complex PMC c5c590d
@cotto cotto document most of CallContext's remaining undocumented functions 4bcc389
@cotto cotto document last undocumented function in CallContext baa45dc
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Document undocumented functions in Eval PMC. e16b201
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add documentation to the undocumented functions in NameSpace PMC. Wha…
…t has been seen cannot be unseen.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Document undocumented functions in Class PMC d5163df
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add documentation to BigInt. t/codingstd/pmc_docs.t now passes. 02b6f13
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Refactor the guts of String.reverse_index into a new Parrot_str_find_…
…reverse_index API routine. Make the 'start' param to the reverse_index method optional, and default to the string length for easy searching.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add in new experimental rindex_i_s_s and rindex_i_s_s_i opcodes, on r…
…equest from moritz++. These are experimental. This, and my previous commit, resolve #767
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Add in two notes about deprecation in src/extend.c cc2f31c
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Remove Parrot_PMC_typenum (use Parrot_pmc_get_type_str instead) and P…
…arrot_free_cstring (use Parrot_str_free_cstring). This closes #407
Commits on May 09, 2012
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Fix all instances of global/static variables in IMCC which had been m…
…arked by plobsing++.

In theory, this should make IMCC reentrant and thread-safe (pursuant to #565). Without a real threaded stress-test we won't know for certain.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Don't clear the scheduler field from the interp when the Scheduler PM…
…C is destroyed.

First off, if the Scheduler is destroyed, that means the interp is probably not alive to have marked it. Second, since Scheduler isn't a singleton, it's entirely plausible (though not currently recommended) that the Scheduler might not be attached an an interp.
@bacek bacek Fix build dd22615
@ayardley ayardley Applied Coke's patch in issue #318 - plus a'bit of chapter reorganiza…
…tion for presentation purposes. This closes issue #318.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Fix small test failure in osutils.pir.
We have an rindex op now, so we need to quote functions of the same name. It seems like IMCC should be smart enough to see that this is a method call not a bare op, but it isn't. Shame. kid51++ for reporting this failure.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Remove bad test from t/dynoplibs/io.t.
Overwriting a class by name in the global class hash IS NOT how we provide the ability to use custom classes in place of native ones. The mechanism to use is .hll_map. Relying on the behavior (or even continued existance) of the global class hash is a bad idea in all user-facing cases. kid51++ for reporting this failure.
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Correct 2 POD formatting errors. 89cbb85
@NotFound NotFound update winxed snapshot to 1.8.1 - Bug fixes 9b49e86
@jkeenan jkeenan POD correction: method was lacking head2. 74e3213
@jkeenan jkeenan Remove references to Parrot_free_cstring from HEADERIZER section. e3383c7
@jkeenan jkeenan Add docs/index/book.json to MANIFEST. 708e44d
Commits on May 10, 2012
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Replace several instances of the C exit() call with more controlled a…
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Delete the function exit_fatal. Replace it with a new Parrot_x_panic_…
…and_exit (may be renamed). Add a new macro PARROT_FORCE_EXIT to use in place of the libc exit(i) routine, which should not be used on all platforms
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Replace the old do_panic function with a newer Parrot_x_panic_and_exi…
…t. Rename the previous Parrot_x_panic_and_exit with Parrot_x_force_error_exit
@Whiteknight Whiteknight POD for Parrot_x_force_error_exit and Parrot_x_panic_and_exit c9ad9c4
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Update documentation in exit.c dbe4981
@jkeenan jkeenan [codingstd] Add space between 'while' and subsequent open parenthesis. 429329c
@Whiteknight Whiteknight bootstrap-ops, which I forgot to do after my last ops edit 698560f
@petdance petdance localizing vars and fixed a const fda8f2e
@petdance petdance Remove bad HEADERIZER HFILE comment e640c08
@petdance petdance reran headerizer a6ec4a1
Commits on May 11, 2012
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Implement 2-pass sweep.
Sweep all generations looking for dead PMCs. Call VTABLE_destroy if necessary and add them to a dead_list. Next, iterate the dead_list, freeing memory. This scheme should completely avoid order-of-destruction issues, because all PMCs are kept alive until all destroy vtables are called. moritz++ for the idea. bacek++ for writing such easy-to-hack GC code.
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Mention Parrot_x_* and exit() changes in ChangeLog 9dd39b0
@jnthn jnthn Seems dynpmcs (or at least, one of the NQP ones) have ended up with a…
… call to Parrot_x_panic_and_exit; I don't see it used directly in the code, so I guess it's the PMC compiler or a macro that's introducing the call to it. Thus it must be marked PARROT_EXPORT. This unbusts NQP build on MSVC.
Commits on May 12, 2012
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'whiteknight/gc_two_stage_sweep' into whiteknight/gc_fin…
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge branch 'master' into whiteknight/gc_finalize 1851d9a
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Merge in, fixing conflicts 0fc3056