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compare: pcc_reorder_signatures
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Commits on Mar 29, 2012
@bacek bacek Add new Parrot_Signature struct.
Signature will hold parameters for PCC call. This allows us:
1. Encapsulate handling of signatures with proper functions instead of
tight VTABLE interface.
2. Move signature between different CallContexts.
3. Properly implement allocation of CallContext on callee side. Which is
free performance boost for tailcalls due reduced GC pressure.
4. Split Singature using VTABLE-like interface for OpSingature and
CSignature. Which should give us some performance boost with avoiding
unnessesary marshalling.
@bacek bacek Borrow some stuff from CallContext 13ca8c2
@bacek bacek Borrow signature free and reset from CallContext 7343a67
@bacek bacek Stylish reorder of perldoc 64d34b9
@bacek bacek Borrow pushing of positional parameters a825d85
@bacek bacek Fix few typos cb7e3af
@bacek bacek Implement pushing of named parameters to Signature 3e2e377
@bacek bacek Borrow fetching of positional arguments ead4a00
@bacek bacek Implement fetching of named parameters and fix compilation errors 2281fc5
@bacek bacek Add couple of last required functions cea02dc
@Whiteknight Whiteknight Move typedefs and macro defs into the header file. This fixes the bui…
…ld for me on clang
@bacek bacek Add more PCC related stuff to Singature. 983b907
@bacek bacek Break the build to help Whiteknight with idea of next steps. 0aadce3
@bacek bacek Add stub for Signature.clone() bb88aec
@bacek bacek Borrow Signature.clone c8f90a2
@bacek bacek Fix CallContext.clone 6026a31
@bacek bacek Change context accessors to return Parrot_Signature afc58c1
@bacek bacek Remove CallContext.current_sig. It's not used anymore. b289fb9
@bacek bacek Add CallContext.temporary_context to preserve existing behaviour of C…
…allContext creation on caller side
@bacek bacek Rename merge_signature to merge_context to reflect reality d13f53c
@bacek bacek Fix get_next_context accessor 33c9658
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