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Look at using the "restrict" keyword on pointers. #177

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The restrict keyword can lead to improved optimizations by the compiler:

GCC 4.5 "now makes better use of the information provided by the restrict keyword... to generate better optimized code."

Look to see if we can get any performance benefits from it.

Here's a good blog post about the restrict qualifier:

Parrot Virtual Machine member

+1. Does this mean that we will not sticking to ANSI 89 C compilers? Or will we only generate the restrict keyword when the compiler has shown to support it?


MSVC has __restrict, which provides a subset of the C99 restrict functionality, ie there's no real reason not to use it as it's available on all major platform; the Parrot codebase already uses non-C90 features, btw, so that shouldn't be an issue either...

Parrot Virtual Machine member

Esp. nqp 6model would benefit from it, parrot not so I guess.
We don't have that much aliasing going on. But I'll look into it.

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