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Some proposed GSoC projects may require creating new runcores with dynpmcs. Currently that is not possible but from the following conversation on #parrot, it seems that the groundwork is there:

dukeleto> whiteknight: what stands in the way up pluggable runcores right now?
whiteknight>    just hasn't been implemented, to my understanding
                        cotto and chromatic have done all the necessary encapsulation and prettification wok
chromatic>  We needed pluggable runcores to make the profiling runcore work, but we didn't need 
                        dynloadable runcores so we didn't implement that.
whiteknight>    right, there wasn't a use-case until now

Originally http://trac.parrot.org/parrot/ticket/1532


Pluggable runcores remain possible but having them doesn't seem to be either necessary or especially beneficial. If nobody can provide a compelling reason to keep this ticket within the next week or so, I'll consider it safe to reject.

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I am +1 to reject this as unnecessary


+1 from me as well. There's no real value to be had from all the extra work it would take.

@rurban rurban closed this Feb 16, 2016
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