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Parrot-based project skeleton creation script #412

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Since not all Parrot projects are languages, it would be nice to have a project skeleton generator morally equivalent to Perl's Module::Starter.

Given <project-builder> --module=Foo (for one possible usage example), the following minimal layout might be generated:

* Foo/
    * lib/
        * Foo.pir
    * t/
        * harness.pir
        * 00-sanity.t
    * setup.pir

setup.pir would manage primary tasks such as build, test, and install.

Extra credit items could include: a flag to define the project as mostly PIR or mostly NQP; a Foo/bin folder whose contents would go into an appropriate location (/usr/local/bin, $PARROT_BIN, whatever); other standard project files such as README.



Have we made any progress on this?



Replying to jkeenan:

Have we made any progress on this?

I repeat the question.

Parrot Virtual Machine member

No progress.

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