Improve <null> handling in Test::More.pir #538

aghast opened this Issue Feb 17, 2010 · 1 comment

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I had occasion to pass some null values to Test::More's is() multisub, and got an unexpected fault - NULL pmc access, etc.

Bacek mentioned in the commit comments to cs# [43660] that discussion was needed on how Test::More handles null, so I have created this ticket to host that discussion.

To get started, I am committing a patch (cs# [44058]) that adds is_null as a test assertion, as well as adding support for null values to the various is() multisub elements.

I think that "null happens", which is especially vexing when calling from NQP to PIR. So I think that any assertion that accepts a PMC type must support the possibility that the PMC type will be null.

I have implemented "null equivalence" -- that is, null==null, for the assertions. I know this can be argued both ways.

Obvious leftovers include the creation of isnt_null and adding null support to the isnt assertions, as well as devising a null policy for the other assertions. The is_deeply seems to do something with null, but that's about it.



(Edited to include my patch number)

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