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Switch shift and pop for reverse iterators #666

nwellnhof opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Currently, you're supposed to use "shift" with normal iterators and "pop" with reverse iterators. I think that doesn't make sense. If I have a function that takes an iterator as argument, how does it know whether to use shift or pop? I think that shift and pop should be switched for reverse iterators.



At this point iterators are used so pervasively with the current syntax that this simple-sounding change would be extremely painful to make. Unless somebody with super-powers wants to step up to tackle this project, I think the best course of action is to close it as WONTFIX. It's a nice idea, but way too much work for too little benefit.


-1 for closing it as WONTFIX.


oh wait, I think I misunderstood what this ticket was asking for. You don't want to reverse the opcodes used, you want to use shift everywhere and not use pop for reverse iterators? That makes much more sense and would be a much smaller change to make.


@Whiteknight yes, now you understand :)

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