General handling of linker scripts reached by dlopen() #794

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Re: Old Parrot Trac Ticket #578:

(I'm unable to post directly to the Parrot Trac, so I am posting here.)

Please see my solution to the problem of reaching a linker script when using dlopen(). You can find it on the GHC Trac, ticket #2615 (see The patch has been improved since I originally created it. You should look at the latest version included in GHC 7.4.2 and adapt it to Parrot.

Parrot Virtual Machine member

Can you post a link to the specific patch you are talking about?

PS: Trac is read-only days, so don't take offense :)


Here's the specific patch:

The important part is lines 188-231 of the patch. They make use of the regular expressions in lines 74-81.

Since the original version of the patch, there have been some improvements, so you should consult the latest version of the code which can be found at;a=blob;f=rts/Linker.c;h=703bc5fa0720228de00adcae015e43c4f168ab22;hb=HEAD

(1) The regular expressions (around lines 1479-1491) have been made more general. (2) Some differences in the main code (around lines 1625-1669).

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