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sprintf %+u fails on mingw only #832

rurban opened this Issue · 2 comments

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t/op/sprintf.t test 217

Works okay on cygwin, and msvc, so it looks like a libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll issue.

@rurban rurban was assigned

Same problem in t/op/string.t: 196, 198 on mingw

not ok 196 - 1 == %+vu
# Have: 1 == +1
# Want: 1 == 1
ok 197 - 001 == %0.3u
not ok 198 - 001 == %+0.3u
# Have: 001 == +001
# Want: 001 == 001
@rurban rurban closed this

Working on a fix in spf_render.c.
Probe for PARROT_HAS_BROKEN_SPRINTF_UPLUS and skip the + in %+..u.

Interestingly the probe passes on mingw but parrot fails...

@rurban rurban reopened this
@rurban rurban referenced this issue from a commit
@rurban rurban [GH #832] Probe for broken snprintf %+..u in mingw and fix it.
snprintf %+u fails on mingw only. t/op/sprintf.t test 217 and
t/op/string.t: 196, 198 (now 197)
The + is always printed, but should not.

As it works okay in win32 (with msvcrt.ll) and cygwin (cygwin1.dll)
on the same system, I assumed it's mingw only snprintf/sprintf wrapper

Probe in auto:snprintf for PARROT_HAS_BROKEN_SPRINTF_UPLUS and skip
the '+' in %+..u in spf_render.c.

But the probe is not yet correct. It passes on mingw, but should fail.
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