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Rename installed ops2c to parrot-ops2c #900

rurban opened this Issue · 3 comments

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packagers are not happy with the name /usr/local/bin/ops2c

Problem: nqp and rakudo uses this name: $(PARROT_BIN_DIR)/ops2c already.

After discussion with rakudo: Provide a new config entry 'ops2c' with the name "parrot-ops2c".
If it does not exit assume ops2c. If it exists it will be "parrot-ops2c".

Personally I think a simple parrot version check < 6.9.0 is technically easier.
It does not bloat all binaries with a new config entry.



@rurban rurban was assigned
@rurban rurban removed this from the 5.0 milestone
@rurban rurban added this to the 6.9.0 milestone
@rurban rurban referenced this issue from a commit
@rurban rurban [ops2c] Rename binary to parrot-ops2c [GH #900]
Add a new config key 'ops2c' as "parrot-ops2c", but you can also check
the parrot version >= 6.9.0 how to call ops2c.
The old name ops2c was to confusing for upstream packagers, in /usr/bin/.

Done in branch rurban/parrot-ops2c-gh900


Prepared nqp with perl6/nqp@6ab57d7
and perl6/nqp@2b5b400

and rakudo with rakudo/rakudo#320

@rurban rurban closed this
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