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Document examples/threads/*.pir #936

coke opened this Issue · 4 comments

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It would be helpful if there was a prologue to the various tests in the directory explaining which parts of threads they were showcasing - and, if possible, a note about why parrot's implementation is particularly interesting in this regard.

As an example: alloc_test.pir seems to go into an infinite loop and in the process, utilizes a CPU (plus a bit), and begins consuming memory - I could write that down, but that's not as interesting as why this example does that, which I can't figure out from looking at the code.

Another example: chameneos.pir seems to refer to

It might be interesting to include a version in another language (or a pointer to one) so a user could compare the parrot version in situ against the other language; in lieu of that, perhaps include some benchmarks from a developer's machine comparing this version with another known version.

Thanks in advance.


This issue is vague. Can we pair it down to an issue that is closeable or a set of closeable issues? One issue per threads example is reasonable.

@coke, are you essentially asking for some POD explanation in each thread example?


Yes. Please document these examples.


Is there a specific POD document where we want this documentation?


Hey @coke, I think this issue can be closed, but I will let you make the final call.

If you think there are lingering things, I suggest creating new issues at this point.

@coke coke closed this
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