Whiteknight/pmc is ptr #160

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gerdr commented Sep 5, 2011

changes to more accurately track arena sizes
fixes bugs in whiteknight's original pull request

leto commented Sep 6, 2011

Did you mean to submit this pull request into master or whiteknight/pmc_is_ptr ?

gerdr commented Sep 6, 2011

should have gone to whiteknight/pmc_is_ptr, but my github-fu is weak - I'll close and re-open a request with the correct target branch...

leto commented Sep 6, 2011

No worries. Just use the "switch branches" toggle on the upper left to switch to the branch you want a pull request for, then hit the pull request button.

gerdr commented Sep 6, 2011

sent pull request with correct target branch; sorry for the noise...

@gerdr gerdr closed this Sep 6, 2011
@rurban rurban pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Mar 10, 2014
Reini Urban [imcc] fix GH #1061, nqp -O2: set_addr label marks a basic_block
set_addr label does mark a basic_block, dead_code_remove() needs the
label. disable old premature optimization

Fixes nqp/#160
All nqp tests pass now with parrot -O2.
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