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fix m0 build #785

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Pull request #783 was merged prematurely as it breaks the integration with Parrot's build system.

To unbreak the build, either

  • revert the merge (ie rewind till 9d4e705)


  • approve this pull request, which cherry-picks a (temporary) fix from #784.
@gerdr gerdr [m0] build m0 via recursive make
needs to be wired up properly once the codebase has stabilized
@zhuomingliang zhuomingliang merged commit 11274a1 into parrot:m0
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Commits on Jun 6, 2012
  1. @gerdr

    [m0] build m0 via recursive make

    gerdr committed
    needs to be wired up properly once the codebase has stabilized
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Showing with 4 additions and 29 deletions.
  1. +4 −29 config/gen/makefiles/
33 config/gen/makefiles/
@@ -2281,36 +2281,11 @@ manifest_tests :
examples_tests : test_prep
+m0 :
+ $(MAKE) -C src/m0/c m0
-src/m0/c/include/m0.h: src/m0/c/include/m0_constants.h src/m0/c/include/m0_compiler_defines.h \
- src/m0/c/include/m0_interp.h src/m0/c/include/m0_mob.h
-src/m0/c/include/m0_interp.h: src/m0/c/include/m0_interp_structures.h
-src/m0/c/include/m0_interp_structures.h: src/m0/c/include/m0_mob_structures.h
-src/m0/c/include/m0_mob.h: src/m0/c/include/m0_interp_structures.h src/m0/c/include/m0_mob_structures.h
-src/m0/c/include/m0_ops.h: src/m0/c/include/m0_interp_structures.h
-src/m0/c/m0_interp.c: src/m0/c/include/m0.h src/m0/c/include/m0_mob.h src/m0/c/include/m0_constants.h \
- src/m0/c/include/m0_compiler_defines.h
-src/m0/c/m0_mob.c: src/m0/c/include/m0_mob.h src/m0/c/include/m0_constants.h src/m0/c/include/m0_compiler_defines.h
-src/m0/c/m0_ops.c: src/m0/c/include/m0_ops.h src/m0/c/include/m0_mob_structures.h
-m0 : src/m0/c/include/m0.h src/m0/c/m0_interp.c src/m0/c/m0_mob.c src/m0/c/m0_ops.c
- $(CC) -O3 -W -Wall -g -Iinclude -o src/m0/c/m0 src/m0/c/m0_mob.c src/m0/c/m0_interp.c src/m0/c/m0_ops.c
-m0_debug : src/m0/c/include/m0.h src/m0/c/m0_interp.c src/m0/c/m0_mob.c src/m0/c/m0_ops.c
- $(CC) -O0 -W -Wall -g -Iinclude -o src/m0/c/m0-debug src/m0/c/m0_mob.c src/m0/c/m0_interp.c src/m0/c/m0_ops.c
+m0_debug :
+ $(MAKE) -C src/m0/c m0-debug
m0_tests :
$(PERL) t/harness $(M0_TEST_FILES)
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