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docs/README.pod - Readme file for the 'docs/' directory.

This README sets out the documents and directories in the 'docs/' top-level directory.[1]

The pod files for Parrot's installable executables.

The pod files for the "PCT Book," the "PIR Book," and a draft of the "Parrot Developer's Guide: PIR Book".

A Parrot FAQ for compiler writers in PIR.[2]

A document on Parrot's Configuration System.

Documentation for parrot_debugger, the Parrot debugger.

A beginner's guide to debugging the Parrot executable.

Documentation on Parrot's deprecation policy and documents on various Parrot deprecations.

This subdirectory contains a number of files discussing various implementation decisions made during the course of the development of Parrot. The intent is to keep discussion of implementation-specific issues separate from the basic design issues discussed in the PDDs.

An overview of Parrot's embedding system.

Describes the embedding subsystem in excruciating detail.

A (mostly empty) description of Parrot's extension system.

The Parrot FAQ.

The Parrot Developer FAQ.[3]

A guide to some of the jargon which crops up repeatedly in Parrot development and throughout the documentation.

This subdirectory contains an html version of Parrot's Documentation Set.

This subdirectory contains documentation on Parrot's Intermediate Code Compiler (IMCC).

This subdirectory contains the json formatted files with which to generate Parrot's html Documentation Set.

An introductory article on what Parrot is and how to do some interesting things with it.

An introduction to the Parrot GC subsystem

An (outdated document) on Parrot's multimethod dispatch for binary opcode functions.

An ALPHA pod, describing the PGE operator precedence table and parser.

An overview of Parrot's architecture and design.

The Parrot bytecode format.

A document which records Parrot source code releases, and their release managers.

A general document for the uninitiated which points to several "good starting points" throughout Parrot's Documentation Set.

This subdirectory contains documentation on the Parrot Compiler Toolkit.

This subdirectory contains all of the current Parrot Design Documents (PDDs). PDDs are detailed guides to the design of the various Parrot subsystems, e.g., pdd03_calling_conventions.pod specifies Parrot's inter-routine calling conventions.

This subdirectory contains documentation on several of the PMC types available to Parrot.

A document on the tools/build/ and how to use the tool to generate C code files from PMC definition files.

A general overview of PMC.

"This document is an introduction to porting the optional subsystems of Parrot onto a new architecture once the core successfully builds."

This subdirectory contains documentation important to Parrot Developers and administrators, e.g., docs/projects/release_manager_guide.pod.

This subdirectory contains a document on "Model Users For Parrot Design Decisions."[4]

This subdirectory contains various "resource" files, e.g., parrot_logo.png, parrot.css, etc.

Brief descriptions of the different executables and how to run them.

"This document classifies Parrot components and interfaces based on their stability."

This is a document on "[h]ow to submit bug reports, patches and new files to Parrot."

Hints on writing tests for the Parrot interpreter.

This subdirectory contains multiple translations of Parrot's plaintext 'README', e.g., README.deutsch, README.espanol, etc.

This subdirectory contains various documents of general interest to users, wanting to target Parrot.

A brief introduction to the vtable at the heart of all PMCs, and how to implement your own PMC type.

[1] The contents of this 'README.pod' are, at present, tentative and, therefore, are subject to change.

[2] We should change the name of this FAQ to better conform with the purpose of the FAQ. compiler_faq.pod is far too ambiguous to be helpful.

[3] We should change the name of this FAQ to better conform with the purpose of the FAQ. getttingstarted.pod is far too general and implies something other than the Parrot Developer FAQ.

[4] Is there any reason to retain this document? It seems, ten years later, more of a curiousity than an actual guide.

Copyright (C) 2012, Parrot Foundation.

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