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t/ - The Parrot Virtual Machine Test Suite

This directory contains the official Parrot Virtual Machine test suite.

For details on how tests are written see the documentation in docs/tests.pod For status of the testing effort, see t/TESTS_STATUS.pod

The script 'harness' actually runs the test suite.

To run the normal Parrot test suite tests:

    make test

To run only the core test suite (intented to be used after make corevm):

    make coretest

The run the full test suite, which is equivalent to "make test" under various runcores as well as coding standard tests:

    make fulltest

To run just the coding standard tests:

    make codingstd_tests

To create code coverage reports from the Parrot test suite:

    make cover

which requires the Devel::Cover Perl 5 module.

To submit "smoke" reports, you will need to install the TAP::Harness::Archive and LWP::UserAgent CPAN modules, and then type:

    make smoke

The report will then be visible on Smolder:

If you only want to submit results of the core test suite to Smolder:

    make smolder_coretest

Below is a list of subdirs along with a short description of what is tested in there.

Run all the tests for all HLLs and libraries. Useful before and after merges to detect regressions in projects using Parrot.

Benchmark tests.

Tests the coding conventions for Parrot source code.

Tests for compilers in Parrot.

Tests for the Perl modules in our configuration subsystem.

Tests that run before a distribution is released. Can be run with:

    make distro_tests

Tests for the completeness and sanity of the documentation.

Tests for dynamic (loadable at run-time) opcode libraries.

Tests for dynamic PMCs.

Tests to check whether the examples are still working. Can be run with:

    make examples_tests

Test Parrot modules that ship with core. Can be run with:

    make library_tests

Tests for the functionality supporting the creation of MANIFEST and related files. Can be run with:

    make manifest_tests

Tests Parrot Byte Code.

Tests for object oriented features of Parrot. Can be run with

    make oo_tests

Tests for Parrot opcodes. Can be run with

    make op_tests

Tests for the Perl 5 modules used for configuration, building and testing of Parrot. Can be run with:

    make perl_tests

Tests for the functionality supporting Parrot's test harnesses.

Tests for Parrot PMCs. Can be run with

    make pmc_tests

Tests of configuration system run after configuration has completed.

Tests for the command line options of the 'parrot' executable. Can be run with:

    make run_tests

Tests written in C, mostly for the Embed/Extend subsystems. Can be run with

    make src_tests

Tests for the steps in the Parrot configuration process.

Stress testing. Make Parrot sweat.

Tests for tools useful to Parrot core and HLL developers

Copyright (C) 2005-2011, Parrot Foundation.

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