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Welcome to the Parrot Virtual Machine Wiki! The latest release is at our ftp server

This wiki is a workplace for Parrot developers and related languages, tools, and applications. If you aren't a developer and are just interested in using Parrot, please refer to Parrot User Documentation or Getting Started.

If you wish to participate in the development of Parrot, the Parrot Developer FAQ and the Overview are good places to start.

The main website for news, downloads, release announcements, and other general information about Parrot is

Getting Involved

There are many ways to contribute to the Parrot project. Our community is full of talented and enthusiastic people who are always pleased to meet newcomers. No matter your area of interest or level of skill, chances are there's a job waiting just for you in the Parrot project!

To start off, take a look at the Roles and Responsibilities page for information about the various roles and occupations our community has to offer. You may also be interested in viewing the Projects page. Then, try looking at the issue tracker to see where your help would be needed most. If you have a new idea or proposal, feel free to speak up on IRC (#parrot on or parrot-dev. Lastly, make sure you read the Parrot Developer Guidelines for general information about contributing.

We can't wait to meet you!


For help related to Parrot, please refer to Getting Help.