Getting Help

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Helping Yourself

Before you seek help, it is always wise to take some time to look through the available resources Parrot has to offer (described below). In addition to the Parrot Developer FAQ, there's also lots of documentation available at Remember, Duck Duck Go is your friend too!

Mailing Lists

Posting to a mailing is the most efficient way to seek help as it reaches all interested Parrot users and developers and offers a greater number of people willing to provide help.

The parrot-users mailing list is a good place for general questions. This is a low-traffic mailing list, so if you are only mildly interested in Parrot, this is a good choice.

Most development discussions take place on the parrot-dev mailing list. We encourage all interested parties to participate there. It is a good place for discussions that aren't straight-forward bug reports or feature requests.

For a complete list of all Parrot mailing lists, visit


If you prefer interactive support and would rather speak to someone in real-time, consider joining the #parrot channel on The channel is very active and usually involves several conversations at once. On average, there are around 90 developers hacking away on Parrot who are more than willing to give a helping hand. Our team of developers span the entire globe so chances are high that you can be helped during all hours of the day.

Before joining #parrot, make sure you understand the standards of behavior described in the IRC Guidelines.

Other Resources