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Summer of Code Task Ideas

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Put ideas for GSoC 2012 Projects here. Difficulty values are estimates, sometimes uninformed, on the scale of 1-5 where 1 is considered the easiest and 5 is considered the hardest to complete. These are only base-line estimates. A project proposal may opt to alter the scope of the project to make it more or less difficult to complete successfully. A successful project is one which can be completed and merged (if necessary) before or shortly following the end of the GSoC program.

Note that these project ideas are only suggestions. Students may propose ideas which are not listed here, or which are only loosely based on ideas mentioned here, and those proposals will be given full consideration.

When adding a new idea or modifying one, try to follow the existing format. Here's a template that you can copy+paste to insert a new idea:

Difficulty: Links of Interest: Possible Mentors: Details: Expected Deliverables:

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