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### Looking for something to work on? See TASKS.
### This file is more of a "don't forget to do this" list.
* CPAN META/MYMETA changes afoot
* proto changes afoot
* Haskell Cabal (
* LuaRocks (
* Ruby Rake (
* Possibly useful modules
* ExtUtils::Liblist
* Devel::CheckLib
* Devel::CheckOS (relatively standard list of OS names?)
* Software::License (standard list of FOSS licenses, with templated text)
* Debian & Fedora version numbering specs
* Debian & Fedora dependency/relationship specs
* HLL version numbering specs
* At least JS, Perl 5, Perl 6, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl
* Separate spec in terms of data structures v. serialization format?
* Formalize experimental metadata 'namespace'
* Ignored by validators (except still syntactically valid JSON)
* Ignored by clients that don't recognize them
* Guaranteed never to clash with future official metadata
* Keys beginning with x- or X-
* Define recognized version number strings, and how to compare them
* Including wildcards, subsets, and ranges
* Define mappings from native edge cases to canonical?
* Platform dependent:
* Instructions?
* Dependencies?
* CPAN meta spec trying to avoid this (or at least delay to spec 3.0)
* Collect all phase-specific metadata into one deeper tree?
* CPAN metadata spec likely to go this route
* Error conditions
* Everything currently implemented in Plumage::Metadata
* 'update' instructions without 'fetch'
* general
* Easy way to reference CREDITS file in contributors key?
* Repo fetches from tip have version 'HEAD'
* List of known licenses
* Specials: Open_Source, Restrictive, Unrestricted, Unknown
* Multiple licenses allowed -- but *NO* details about what this means
* See lines 179-231 of
* Copyrights
* May be multiple copyright holders
* Status
* Stable/testing/unstable?
* instructions
* 'fetch' of a repository should have 'repository' as its type
* 'type's must have underscores, not hyphens
* 'patch' phase
* Types of 'test'? basic, spec, extra, author, ...?
* Phase(s) for release (to CPAN, as RPM, ...)?
* Special case of configure type for accepting --parrot-config option?
* What about update and cleanup?
* What about multiple instructions per key?
* Allow value to be either hash or array of hashes?
* dependency-info
* 'provides' is always an array
* HLLs provide their project name and their language name
* 'development_requires'?
* resources
* feed_type and feed_uri for hosting that provides Atom/RSS commit feeds
* branch
* module (CVS)
* user/pass (if not default for anonymous use)
* commit/rev spec
* multiple possible repos?
* bug_tracker
* type
* home page uri
* submit uri
* submit email
* contacts
* general
* legal
* security
* array-valued?
* Switch to setup.nqp once NQP-rx supports native hash declarations
* Hosting:
* allison looking into
* moritz gave access to a Debian Lenny box
* UIs:
* Interactive mode
* Functionality:
* Read meta from repo after fetch/patch/configure
* System and local installs
* Where should local installs go by default?
* How to make parrot aware of local install path?
* Arch-specific and non-specific install dirs?
* Platform hints
* config items not provided by parrot, like PATH separator
* binary renames
* handle needing to HOMEDRIVE ~ HOME on Win32
* Official metadata spec validator tool (module?), with test suite
* Use Plumage's Configure.nqp and test harness for project config/test
* Anything proto can do, and more
* Meaningful exit codes
* Quiet modes: Log, Silent, Verbose
* If progress bars, use N * Width / (N + Width) to determine length
* Interaction with sudo?
* Other prompts?
* Create new project helper
* 'showstate' command (show build and install status) (WIP)
* 'wipeout' or 'purge' command -- uninstall and uncache
* 'fetch' able to do owner-clone for git repos
* User able to specify list of authorities they have commitbits for?
* 'configure' able to run any of:
* Makefile.PL
* Configure.p6
* Configure
* 'test' action using (recursive) 'prove' directly
* 'all' pseudo-project
* 'install all' is probably scaling out of reasonable range now
* But 'update all' is reasonable
* Make source tarball and native packages
* Spec:
* Add Stakeholders section
* Add Usage Scenarios section
* Author v. User dynamic dependency differences (aka META v. MYMETA)
* DSLIP info in META?
* Interoperate with pkg-config and/or ExtUtils::Liblist?
* Use them to find system libs? Or use their *algorithms* to do so?
* #toolchain considered writing a Pure Perl pkg-config workalike
* ExtUtils::PkgConfig exists ...
* Generate .pc files if module install type does not automatically do so
* Hmmm, seems to be some fail here WRT standardizing lib names ...
* Documentation
* Add a tutorial/examples document
* Relationship between plumage and distutils/make/etc.
* Test Suite
* Figure out how to mock svn/git repos so that build/fetch/test/configure
steps can be tested
* Check exit code of each test file
* Massively expand tests
* Improve harness output
* Misc suggestions
* Merge Plumage .pbc's all together into executable using pbc_merge
* Avoid asking questions (after first setup?) if at all possible
* Recommendations ("optional dependencies") should not abort top-level
install if they fail to install
* rake madness (from Cardinal):
* PARROT_CONFIG={{parrot_dir whatever}}/parrot_config rake cardinal
* rake test:all
* Suggestions from proto-ng team
* $PREFIX defaults to $HOME/.ecosystem/lib
* Rakudo doing:
* [builtins/globals.pir] preload $HOME/.perl6lib and languages/perl6/lib in @*INC
* $HOME/.perl6/lib + $HOME/.perl6/proto/config ?
* parrot_install/bin + parrot_install/lib/1.5.0-devel/languages/perl6/
* From #perl6:
* mberends does not like adding directories to PATH
mberends does 'sudo ln -s <parrot_install>/bin/perl6 /usr/local/bin' instead
* Rename --ignore-fail=<stage>=0 to --no-ignore-fail=<stage> as this is a more common
convention and is much cleaner
* Support temporary and permanent modification of config file
* Fully document usage in docs/interactive.pod
* Display Plumage version in welcome message (update example in docs/interactive.pod)
* Move all perldoc to top of file so code is easier to read
* Improve output messages so that they don't try to sound like a real person talking
because this is really childish.
* Reword all comments that say Plumage is the "module ecosystem" because that's not
true: it's a package manager for the module ecosystem
* Cleanup code for probe tests
* Fixes needed:
* More secure pipe spawn
* current insecure version does 'sh', '-c', 'command and args'
* Config values needed:
* PATH separator
* Finish JSON -> data_json conversion
* Change tests to use data_json language
* Deprecate JSON language
* See
* Less pedantic parse
* Allow trailing comma in array and hash
* Allow unquoted keys
* Better error messages!