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+# Parrot Plumage
Parrot Plumage is the Parrot Virtual Machine module ecosystem. It includes
tools to search metadata, handle dependencies, install modules, and so forth.
@@ -19,48 +18,48 @@ vortex to begin our descent". We expect to make many changes as we
discover new issues during implementation.
+# Building
- $ parrot setup.pir build
- $ parrot setup.pir test
- $ parrot setup.pir install
+ parrot setup.pir build
+# Testing
+ parrot setup.pir test
+# Installing
+ parrot setup.pir install
+# Using
Once built, Plumage is relatively easy to use, especially if you've used
another install tool such as apt-get or yum. For example, to install
Rakudo (a Perl 6 implementation), run the following command:
- $ ./plumage install rakudo
+ ./plumage install rakudo
This will automatically install any dependencies that Rakudo may need.
To see what those dependencies are, try this:
- $ ./plumage showdeps rakudo
+ ./plumage showdeps rakudo
To see what other commands and options are available, ask for usage info:
- $ ./plumage usage
+ ./plumage usage
If you have any problems, just come by #parrot at and ask.
We're happy to help!
+# Contributing
We aim to be very contributor-friendly here; take a look at the documents
in the docs/hacking/ directory (starting with contributing.pod) to get up
to speed.
Welcome to the crew, and don't forget to be bold!
+# License
-Parrot Plumage is Copyright (C) 2009, The Parrot Foundation, and is
+Parrot Plumage is Copyright (C) 2009-2012, The Parrot Foundation, and is
distributed under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0. For more
details, see the full text of the license in the file LICENSE.

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