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Unlike the Parrot Plumage client itself (which resides in the src/ directory),
programs in this directory are not for end-user consumption.  Rather they will
be used for metadata maintenance on the server and by developers of Plumage.

Because these are not end-user programs, the requirement that they be written
entirely in NQP and PIR can be relaxed: they are free to use any language that
can be installed by Plumage.  In practice, we expect that most will be written
for the most recent Rakudo from git as a matter of convenience and familiarity
by the core Plumage team.

If there is no way to perform a needed task using Parrot, please do these three

1. Open a ticket for Parrot or the HLL requesting the needed functionality.

2. In the mean time, use Perl 5 (preferably via Blizkost) to provide just the
   single piece of missing functionality and do everything else in a Parrot-
   hosted language.

3. As soon as the ticket in step 1 is resolved, convert the code from step 2
   to use the new Parrot functionality instead.

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