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# Copyright (C) 2010, Parrot Foundation.
# $Id$
.sub 'set_up'
load_bytecode 'PCT.pbc'
load_bytecode 'PAST/Walker.pbc'
load_bytecode 'PAST/Transformer.pbc'
load_bytecode 'Data/Dumper.pbc'
load_bytecode 'nqp-rx.pbc'
$P1 = get_class ['PAST'; 'Transformer']
$P0 = subclass $P1, ['PAST'; 'Transformer'; 'FoldConstants']
.sub main :main
.local pmc dumper, folder, nqp, past, result
nqp = compreg 'NQP-rx'
dumper = new ['Data'; 'Dumper']
past = 'build_past'(nqp)
folder = new ['PAST'; 'Transformer'; 'FoldConstants']
$P0 = nqp.'post'(past)
$P0 = nqp.'pir'($P0)
say $P0
say "\nFolding:\n"
result = folder.'walk'(past)
$P0 = nqp.'post'(result)
$P0 = nqp.'pir'($P0)
say $P0
.sub 'build_past'
.param pmc nqp
.local pmc result
.local string source
source = "say(1+2);"
result = nqp.'compile'(source, 'target' => 'past')
.return (result)
.namespace ['PAST'; 'Walker']
.sub 'walk' :multi(['PAST';'Transformer';'FoldConstants'], ['PAST';'Op'])
.param pmc walker
.param pmc node
.local pmc result
$P0 = node.'pirop'()
if null $P0 goto end
unless $P0 == 'add' goto end
.local int foldable
$P0 = node[0]
$P1 = node[1]
$P2 = $P0.'value'()
$P3 = $P1.'value'()
$I0 = isa $P2, 'Integer'
$I1 = isa $P3, 'Integer'
foldable = and $I0, $I1
unless foldable goto end
result = new ['PAST'; 'Val']
$I0 = $P2
$I1 = $P3
$I2 = $I0 + $I1
.return (result)
result = node
$P0 = 'walkChildren'(walker, node)
'replaceChildren'(result, $P0)
.return (result)
# Local Variables:
# mode: pir
# fill-column: 100
# End:
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4 ft=pir: