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Cross-Species Gene Finder

Open source Java tool which searches for similar genes across species using the NCBI database.

Used in this research project by Eric Tvedte at the University of Iowa.

The resulting research paper is here:

Verified to NOT be working with NCBI's API as of 2019-09-10. I am attempting to fix it, but major changes are required.

Download (.jar)

Double-click CSGF.jar to start. You will be given instructions. Java is required.

Source Code

CSGF Batch File Format

The file extension is always ".txt".

The first line of the file starts with:


This identifier can also be followed by a colon and several extra fields to predefine search parameters. The current possibilities are as follows:

  • A species name, a colon, and a maximum e value:

      !CSGFBatchV1:Nasonia giraulti:1e-30
  • A species name, a colon, a maximum e value, and a custom buffer size on both sides of the gene:

      !CSGFBatchV1:Nasonia giraulti:1e-30:2000
  • A species name, a colon, a maximum e value, and 2 custom buffer sizes on either side of the gene:

      !CSGFBatchV1:Nasonia giraulti:1e-30:2000,3000

Any input parameters not given will be prompted for at the start of the program, except for the default buffer size, which is 1000 bases on both sides if unspecified.

Extraneous spaces between colons and commas, or at the END of the line, will be ignored. The file must start with EXACTLY !CSGFBatchV1 in that capitalization, with no extra spaces.

The rest of the file is composed of NCBI gene IDs, one per line. Extraneous spaces at the beginning or end of the line will be ignored.

A comment (any text after a #) will cause the rest of the line it is in to be ignored, and can be anywhere in the file except on the first line. Comments can either be at the beginning of a line, or after a valid gene ID, at the end. There can be any number of spaces before or after the #.

Blank lines, or lines consisting only of spaces, are silently ignored.

To Do

  • add NOT specifying max e value or species on batch file
  • can pause and resume?
  • show expiration date for results
  • more code cleanup