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This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.
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Important Notice

Development of Pluvia is now discontinued. Support for new iOS versions and devices will not be added in the feature. The only changes which might be made to Pluvia would be those necessary to make it function on newer macOS versions; such compatibility will not be added if it imposes a significant maintenance burden.

What is Pluvia?

Pluvia allows you to untethered downgrade your iPhone 4 without SHSH blobs!

It uses the iOS 7.1.2 iBoot exploit "De Rebus Antiquis" by @xerub and @dora2-iOS.

Pluvia 1.6 Limitations

  • Only for Mac!
  • Only supports iPhone3,1.
    • Support for iPhone3,2 and 3,3 is not easily possible because the iBoot exploit utilized by Pluvia has not been ported to those devices, and there is almost no documentation of how to do so.
  • Only supports iOS 5.1.1 (9B206), 6.x, and 7.x.
  • Can only jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 and 6.1.3

NOTE: 8GB iPhone 4's that shipped with iOS 6 can only run iOS 6 and newer, NOT iOS 4 or 5. This almost certainly can't be fixed.

How to use Pluvia

  1. Creating the patched IPSW

Run ./ <Input_IPSW> jailbreak (if you want to jailbreak)

Or run ./ <Input_IPSW> (if you don't want to jailbreak)

  1. Restoring the firmware

Connect your iPhone 4 and put it in DFU mode.

Run ./ <Patched_IPSW>

Wait for that to complete.

When your phone reboots the Apple logo should blink and then it will boot the older iOS!

Getting out of recovery mode after restoring to stock iOS

Run ./ <Any_Supported_Input_IPSW> reset

Connect your iPhone 4 and put it in DFU mode.

Run ./ <Reset_NVRAM_IPSW>


@xerub for De Rebus Antiquis iBoot exploit

@dora2-iOS for ramdiskH.dmg, part of the partitioning script in the ramdisk, and the firmware bundles

@a8q for the original partitioning script in the ramdisk

@saurik for Cydia.tar

UnthreadedJB for the iOS 5 untether

p0sixspwn (@ih8sn0w, @squiffy, @winocm) for the iOS 6 untether

s0uthwest, libimobiledevice, and @tihmstar for idevicerestore

@axi0mx for ipwndfu

@ih8sn0w, @NyanSatan, and @Merculous for iBoot32Patcher

@tihmstar and @encounter for tsschecker

@sequinn and @parrotgeek1 for root_tar

Licensing notes

The ParrotGeek Software logo shown during the restore process is NOT licensed under the GPL and must be removed in any forks.

Furthermore, any publicly released forks of this project must not use the word Pluvia anywhere in their name, or purport to be endorsed by ParrotGeek Software.

The code and files created by @dora2-iOS are licensed under the GPLv3 or the MIT License, and were present in commit 06262f41d0677feec0f03ff2f0496d63898a346f of, and commits 06262f41d0677feec0f03ff2f0496d63898a346f and 26cb118bde7ad0198df08a2b0af9f319c0de511c of, which no longer exist publicly.

Proof that these files were previously licensed under GPLv3 or the MIT License is available at the following URLs: (the last four are from a forked repository, since the original was deleted before it was archived, but the committer is visible as @dora2-iOS).