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ProxyDNS v1.0.2

A tool to bypass DNS-based internet censorship when port 53, or even DNS packets themselves, are blocked by a firewall.

Download for Raspberry Pi

  • Extract the contents of this zip to a FAT32 formatted SD card and insert it into your Raspberry Pi (B/B+/2/3/3B+).
  • Only supports Ethernet, not WiFi!

Source Code

  • You must run with sudo, and change CCPREFIX to match your ARM compiler path!


  • It never renews the DHCP lease (on embedded version)
  • It doesn't support IPv6

To find DNS servers not on port 53

Servers in order of best to worst:

Google 5353 / 5353

Unlocator 54 / 54


go to - all are port 5300

Unotelly 5353 / 5353

Smart DNS Proxy 1512 1512