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Changes in v1.1g

  • Replaced the copy of PHP with an older version that does not require AVX, enabling usage on older Macs officially unsupported by Monterey

Changes in v1.1f

Changes in v1.1e

  • Fixed support for Apple Silicon Macs

Changes in v1.1d

  • Added untested support for Apple Silicon Macs, and preemptive support for macOS versions newer than 11.x

Changes in v1.1c

  • Added support for macOS Big Sur

Changes in v1.1b

  • Licensed the code under GPLv3

Changes in v1.1

  • Updated idevicerestore to a current version to fix many issues, and improved the script
  • Removed the changing of the iOS version to 7.1.3, to improve compatibility with jailbreaks


Only for Mac!