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Command Line Vocab: for all of you who wish you could play with vocabulary from the terminal.


for local installation

$ pip install --editable .
$ cp default_config.ini config.ini

for global installation pip3 install --upgrade .


all commands use word and language as unique key, to prevent collision with homographs across languages

flags are single dashes, options are double dashes.

  • add: add an entry
  • edit: edit an existing entry
    • -a: add a new definition
    • --def_id: edit an existing defintion (1-indexed to match terminal output in list)
  • delete: delete an entry from the clvdb
  • tag: add a tag to am entry
  • untag: remove a tag from am entry
  • example: add an example sentence for an entry
  • cloze: get tested on a random cloze
    • a cloze is a sentence where part of it is marked to be hidden from the user, to help with recall. ex. if the example was 'near far {wherever} you are', cloze would return 'near far {...} you are' and expect 'wherever' as the user's answer
  • list: lists entries in clvdb
    • default argument: [LANG], filter by language
    • -t: display tags in table
    • --tags: filter by CSV list of tags
  • lookup: lookup a word and its information


  • set: sets a reusable global config item, currently only sets the lang attribute
  • config: view config items