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Leipzig, MD

What is this?

An extension for Python Markdown

How do I use it?

You can look at leipzig.md for a full example of how to do anything that the The Leipzig Glossing Rules allow for.

Surround the text you want to gloss with --GLOSS-- and --ENDGLOSS--. Anchors are created in order for each gloss as leipzig-line-1. The number has the class leipzig-num. The first 4 lines in a gloss are marked with the classes source, morphemes, translation, translation. The whole gloss has the class leipzig-table.

Small Caps {ABC}

Use {ABC} to render ABC in small caps. If this matters to you, I suggest using Computer Modern for your gloss font (it's free and has a wide range of glyphs).

Full lines {!}

Use {!} at the front. For example:

{!} Latin
{!} of the islands

Spaces in gloss items ' '

Surround the item with single quotes, ex.

Бейнең жеке менің түн-ием,
image-{2SG.POSS} personal {1SG.GEN} 'night spirit-{1SG.POSS}'
{!} Your image is my personal night spirit

Merging Lines {m}

If you need to have one gloss encompass multiple source words (say for an idiom), place as many {m} in front of the word you'd like to merge

Тез қол ұшын бер маған, тез!
quickly {m} {m} 'to give a hand' {1SG.DAT}, quickly!
{!} Hold out your hand, quickly!
{!} Quickly give me a hand, quickly!

to give a hand will be paired with қол ұшын бер.

Blank gloss {b}

If you need a blank to appear in any of the lines, use {b}.

{!} Latin
puer or: puer-Ø
boy[{NOM.SG}] {b} boy-{NOM.SG}
'boy' {b} 'boy’