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CloudSuite 3.0

CloudSuite is a benchmark suite for cloud services. The third release consists of eight applications that have been selected based on their popularity in today's datacenters. The benchmarks are based on real-world software stacks and represent real-world setups.


CloudSuite's software components are all available as open-source software. All of the software components are governed by their own licensing terms. Researchers interested in using CloudSuite are required to fully understand and abide by the licensing terms of the various components. For more information, please refer to the license page.

Deploying CloudSuite

To ease the deployment of CloudSuite into private and public cloud systems, we provide docker images for all CloudSuite benchmarks (available here). We are also integrating CloudSuite into Google's PerfKit Benchmarker. PerfKit helps at automating the process of benchmarking across existing cloud-server systems.


We encourage CloudSuite users to use GitHub issues for requests for enhancements, questions or bug fixes.

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