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Parse Community Paid Contributors


In an effort to maintain the quality and timely development of the Parse Platform, the Parse Community will pay a monthly stipend to contributors who have demonstrated a consistent, positive contribution to the community.

This is a pilot program whose effectiveness will be evaluated to determine if it should be continued.

The goal is to compensate individual contributors for whom the payments will be a material incentive to enable them to continue their contributions.

Initially, the project management committee will determine by vote who will be eligible for a stipend. A monthly amount will be agreed to and voted on by the project management committee. Voting will take place publicly on our community forum . The number of core contributors receiving funds must be less than a majority of the members.

Each month the recipient will submit a payment request to our Open Collective for review and approval. The payment request should include a brief summary of the months activities to make transparency easy for any observer. Payment requests submitted without having been approved for the program will be denied.

Current Program Members

Tom Fox Diamond Lewis
Name: Tom Fox Diamond Lewis
Monthly stipend (as of October 2019): $100 $600
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