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@dplewis dplewis released this Aug 17, 2019

About this Release
Support for PHP < 7 and HHVM has been dropped.

  • Support Query withCount (#448)
  • Support Query exclude keys (#445)
  • Support Query readPreference (#446)
  • Support return raw data from Query first (#441)
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@acinader acinader released this Jan 30, 2019

About this Release

This point release is to fix 1.5.0 which was released incorrectly.

Version 1.5.1 is reverse compatible with 1.4.0, so you're good for upgrading 👍 . Just keep in mind that some new features may not be available depending on your version of parse server.

What's new?

  • Avoid session fixation by regenerating session id on user promotion (#414)
  • Enable login with POST (#430)
  • Properly handle null query response (#425)
  • Fix queries equalTo with null values (#406)
  • Add sort option to GeoQueries (#424)
  • Add encode option to ParseQuery:find (#423)
  • Add batchSize to saveAll / destroyAll (#422)
  • Add includeAll to query (#421)
  • Add And / Nor query (#419)
  • Add 'containedBy' query (#418)
  • Add 'containsAllStartingWith' query (#417)
  • Remove anonymous auth data from User table when user registers. Match other SDK behavior (#417)
  • Fix bug in mime type guessing due to case mishandling (#399)
  • Use registered subclass when creating a ParseUser (#394)
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@montymxb montymxb released this Dec 6, 2017

About this Release

Release 1.4.0 contains quite a few new features that we hope you'll enjoy! Please keep in mind that relative time queries, aggregate queries and index management are only available in later versions of parse server (versions 2.6.5 and above, and versions 2.7.0 and above for index management). The other features present here have been available in parse server for some time and have now been hooked up into this sdk.

Version 1.4.0 is reverse compatible with 1.3.0, so you're good for upgrading 👍 . Just keep in mind that some new features may not be available depending on your version of parse server. You can check your version of parse server from this sdk using ParseServerInfo::getVersion to check if you don't know for sure (version checking is compatible with older versions of parse server).

All new features have been added into the Table of Contents in our README for your reading convenience.

What's new?

  • Fixes encode/decode method descriptors
  • Adds Relative Time Queries (#360)
  • Adds Server Info (#361)
  • README and code cleanup, adds CHANGELOG and CODE_OF_CONDUCT
  • Adds Purge & Polygon to ParseSchema (#365)
  • Adds Parse Server Health Check (#366)
  • Adds the ability to upgrade to a revocable session (#368)
  • Adds ability to Request Verification Emails (#369)
  • Adds the ability to set/save in ParseConfig (#371)
  • Adds ParseLogs (#370)
  • Adds ParseAudience (#372)
  • Adds jobs to ParseCloud (#373)
  • Adds support for aggregate queries (#355) (thanks to Diamond Lewis)
  • Fix npm license warning (thanks to Arthur Cinader)
  • Updates parse-server-test dependency to 1.3.6
  • Support for managing indexes via ParseSchema (#357) (thanks to Diamond Lewis)
  • Slight test adjustments

See the diff between 1.3.0 and 1.4.0

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@montymxb montymxb released this Sep 8, 2017

What's new?

  • Adds HHVM support
  • Modified ParseFile to use the current HttpClient rather than just curl for download
  • Adds full text search via ParseQuery::fullText for Parse Server 2.5.0 and later (thanks to Diamond Lewis)
  • Adds encode/decode support to ParseObject
  • Travis CI cache fixes
  • Slight test modifications for later versions of parse
  • A few README typo fixes and additions

See the diff between 1.2.10 and 1.3.0

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@montymxb montymxb released this Jul 14, 2017

What's new?

  • Updates to make the sdk friendly with phpdoc
  • Added Getting Started section to README
  • Removed the default server and mount path for
  • Setup phpdoc style enforcing and autodeploy from most recent master for our api ref
  • jms/serializer pinned to 1.7.1 for testing as mentioned in #336 (for phpdoc)
  • Added ParsePolygon type and polygonContains to ParseQuery (thanks to Diamond Lewis)
  • Enhanced numerious exceptions with proper error codes, following the guide error codes
  • CI improvements and expanded to run tests under ParseStreamClient

See the diff between 1.2.9 and 1.2.10

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@montymxb montymxb released this Jun 26, 2017

Release 1.2.9

What's Changed?

  • Integrates ParseServer for testing the sdk against, for convenience
  • Patch for associative arrays properly being encoded in ParseObject _encode
  • Adds matches to ParseQuery
  • Adds Travis CI for running tests on PRs as they are submitted
  • Adds withinPolygon to ParseQuery
  • Updates php_codesniffer and enforces PSR-2 Coding Style on the sdk

See the diff between 1.2.8 and 1.2.9

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Bumped version to 1.2.8
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Apr 24, 2017
Adds methods to ParsePushStatus to handle checking the current status…
… of a recent push request.
Apr 15, 2017
Modifies http_build_request to always use '&' to combine query args with
Mar 31, 2017
Helper for twitter auth added and general login/linkers added for fut…
…ure 3rd party auth