Official Push adapter for parse-server
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mtrezza and flovilmart Added push data key for APNS key thread-id (#117)
* Added push data keys for APNS keys thread-id, urlArgs.

* removed urlArgs key from push data because it is only relevant for push notifications to Safari which does not seem to be supported by parse server yet

* added test for thead-id key

* fixed typo in first test; added thread-id key to another test

* fixed typo in test
Latest commit e7f9bc4 Jun 4, 2018


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Official Push adapter for parse-server

See parse-server push configuration

Silent Notifications

If you have migrated from and you are seeing situations where silent (newsstand-like presentless) notifications are failing to deliver please ensure that your payload is setting the content-available attribute to Int(1) and not "1" This value will be explicitly checked.

see more logs

You can enable verbose logging with environment variables:




This will produce a more verbose output for all the push sending attempts