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Want to participate and earn some bounty?

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States for Bounties:

  • Draft - still being written
  • In question - under review for eligibility
  • Approved - voted on by escrow council according to PIP005. scope, verifier and budget defined. These are free to grab!
  • Assigned - some-one has picked the bounty to work on.
  • Claimed - the bounty has been payed out.

List of Open Bounties:

# Title Circle Budget (DAI) Status Verifier
12 JSON RPC Server V2 R&D 1,120 Approved
14 Quantify Security Gains by Tokenization of PoS R&D 2,160 In question
19 Exit Market Maker R&D 720 Approved @johba
20 Project Bob - Fast Plasma exits R&D 640 Approved @sunify
21 Project Bob - Plasma Deposits R&D 400 Approved @johba

Single delivery vs. Pair delivery

Bounties delivered by a team of pair programmers are rewarded with a 50% bonus.

List of Bounties in Progress:

# Title Circle Budget (DAI) Status Verifier
8 Plasma exit with priority queue R&D 1,200 Assigned(@Koroqe, @johannbarbie) @sunify
16 PARSEC Block Explorer R&D 800 Assigned(@eezcjkr) @troggy
25 Add State Hash function for solEVM R&D 2.43Ξ Assigned(@johba) @troggy
13 State-enabled scripting conditions for Plasma R&D 2,000 hasan + johann @kosta
18 Tokenized NFT exits R&D 960 Assigned(@eezcjkr) @johba

List of Completed Bounties:

# Title Circle Budget (DAI) Status Verifier
1 Plasma Node R&D 1,360 Claimed(@sunify) @troggy
3 Upgradable PSC Token implementation Comm 1,500 Claimed ( @mayank ) @johba
5 Plasma Consensus Rules R&D 1,200 Assigned(@sunify , @johannbarbie) @troggy
6 JSON RPC Server V1 R&D 960 Claimed(@troggy) @Koroqe
7 Complete Primitive Data Structures in Parsec Lib R&D 960 Claimed(@troggy, @johannbarbie) @sunify
10 Project Alice - Ethereum Testnet R&D 1,440 Claimed(@maxkudla) @sunify
11 Project Alice - Parsec Testnet R&D 700 Claimed(@sunify) @troggy
15 Create Gas Oracle R&D 400 Claimed(@Koroqe) @johba
17 Project Bob - Multiple tokens R&D 480 Claimed(@MaxKudla) @sunify
9 Set up Testnet R&D 900 Claimed(@sunify, @johannbarbie) @troggy
22 Add gas metering to solEVM R&D 3.662Ξ Claimed(@pinkiebell) @troggy
23 Create Off-Chain Executor for solEVM R&D 5.21Ξ Claimed(@troggy) @johba
24 Create On-Chain Executor for solEVM R&D 7.07Ξ Claimed(@troggy) @johba
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