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This package provides React Native compatible implementations of Node core modules like stream and http. This is a fork of node-libs-browser with a few packages swapped to be compatible in React Native.


npm install --save node-libs-react-native


This package exports a mapping of absolute paths to each module implementation, keyed by module name. Modules without React Native compatible implementations are null.

These modules can be used with React Native Packager's metro.config.js or Webpack's resolve.alias.

Usage with React Native Packager

Add a metro.config.js file in the root directory of your React Native project and set resolver.extraNodeModules:

// metro.config.js
module.exports = {
  resolver: {
    extraNodeModules: require('node-libs-react-native'),

For more information, see this post on Node core modules in React Native.


Node has certain globals that modules may expect, such as Buffer or process. React Native does not provide these globals. The node-libs-react-native/globals module in this package will shim the global environment to add these globals. Just require (or import) this module in your app before anything else.

// ...


The following are the module implementations provided by this package. Some modules also have a "mock" implementation provided in the mock directory. These are replacements with minimal functionality.

Module RN-compatible Mock
assert defunctzombie/commonjs-assert ---
buffer feross/buffer buffer.js
child_process --- ---
cluster --- ---
console Raynos/console-browserify console.js
constants juliangruber/constants-browserify ---
crypto mvayngrib/react-native-crypto ---
dgram --- ---
dns --- dns.js
domain bevry/domain-browser ---
events Gozala/events ---
fs --- ---
http jhiesey/stream-http ---
https substack/https-browserify ---
module --- ---
net --- net.js
os CoderPuppy/os-browserify ---
path substack/path-browserify ---
process shtylman/node-process process.js
punycode bestiejs/punycode.js ---
querystring mike-spainhower/querystring ---
readline --- ---
repl --- ---
stream nodejs/readable-stream ---
string_decoder rvagg/string_decoder ---
sys defunctzombie/node-util ---
timers jryans/timers-browserify ---
tls --- tls.js
tty substack/tty-browserify tty.js
url defunctzombie/node-url ---
util defunctzombie/node-util ---
vm --- vm.js
zlib devongovett/browserify-zlib ---

Other React Native Modules

These are other React Native packages that implement Node core related modules. They are not included in node-libs-react-native, but you may find them useful separately.


react-native-udp implements Node's dgram API, but is not included here due to its native implementation and need to use react-native link.


react-native-fs implement's Node's fs API, but is not included here due to its native implementation and need to use react-native link.

react-native-level-fs provides an alternative pure JavaScript implementation, using AsyncStorage as the underlying storage mechanism.


react-native-tcp implement's Node's net API, but is not included here due to its native implementation and need to use react-native link.


This is a fork of node-libs-browser with minor modifications and packages swapped out for React Native implementations. Thanks to those package authors for doing the hard work.