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ParsiCoin (PARS) Documentation.

ParsiCoin (PARS) | Anonymous Cryptocurrency, Based on CryptoNote.

Mining Pools :

Donation (BTC) :


Donation (PARS) :


Table of Contents


Parsicoind is the Daemon , it can be used for Syncing With the ParsiCoin Network , Mining (Solo CPU) , Exploring BlockChain , etc.


Command line options: --help : {Produce help message}

--version : {Output version information}


--data-dir arg (=C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming/parsicoin) : {Specify data directory}

--config-file arg (=parsicoin.conf) : {Specify configuration file}

Command line options and settings options:

--log-file arg

--log-level arg (=2)

--no-console : {Disable daemon console commands}

--restricted-rpc : {Restrict RPC to view only commands to prevent abuse}

--testnet : {Used to deploy test nets. Checkpoints and hardcoded seeds are ignored, network id is changed. Use it with --data-dir flag. The wallet must be launched with --testnet flag.}

--enable-cors arg : {Adds header 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' to the daemon's RPC responses. Usesthe value as domain. Use * for all}

--fee-address arg : {Sets fee address for light wallets to the daemon's RPC responses.}

--enable-blockchain-indexes : {Enable blockchain indexes}

--print-genesis-tx : {Prints genesis' block tx hex to insert it to config and exits}

--rpc-bind-ip arg (=

--rpc-bind-port arg (=18230)

--p2p-bind-ip arg (= : {Interface for p2p network protocol}

--p2p-bind-port arg (=17230) : {Port for p2p network protocol}

--p2p-external-port arg (=0) : {External port for p2p network protocol (if port forwarding used with NAT)}

--allow-local-ip : {Allow local ip add to peer list, mostly in debug purposes}

--add-peer arg : {Manually add peer to local peerlist}

--add-priority-node arg : {Specify list of peers to connect to and attempt to keep the connection open}

--add-exclusive-node arg : {Specify list of peers to connect to only. If this option is given the options add-priority-node and seed-node are ignored}

--seed-node arg : {Connect to a node to retrieve peer addresses, and disconnect}

--hide-my-port : {Do not announce yourself as peerlist candidate}

--extra-messages-file arg : {Specify file for extra messages to include into coinbase transactions}

--start-mining arg : {Specify wallet address to mining for}

--mining-threads arg : {Specify mining threads count}


simplewallet is a CLI Wallet for ParsiCoin (PARS), it can be used to send and receive Parsicoin.


Usage: simplewallet [--wallet-file=|--generate-new-wallet=] [--daemon-address=:] []

General options:

--help : Produce help message

--version : Output version information

--config-file arg : Specify configuration file

Wallet options:

--wallet-file arg : Use wallet

--generate-new-wallet arg : Generate new wallet and save it to

--restore-deterministic-wallet : Recover wallet using electrum-style mnemonic

--non-deterministic : Creates non-deterministic (classic) view and spend keys

--mnemonic-seed arg : Specify mnemonic seed for wallet recovery/creation

--password arg : Wallet password

--change-password arg : Change wallet password and exit

--daemon-address arg : Use daemon instance at :

--daemon-host arg : Use daemon instance at host instead of localhost

--daemon-port arg (=0) : Use daemon instance at port instead of 18230

--command arg

--log-file arg : Set the log file location

--log-level arg : Set the log verbosity level

--testnet : Used to deploy test nets. The daemon must be launched with --testnet flag

--reset : Discard cache data and start synchronizing from scratch

--rpc-bind-ip arg (= : Specify IP to bind RPC server to.

--rpc-bind-port arg : Starts wallet as RPC server for wallet operations, sets bind port for server.

--rpc-user arg : Username to use with the RPC server. If empty, no server authorization will be done.

--rpc-password arg : Password to use with the RPC server. If empty, no server authorization will be done.


address : Show current wallet public address

balance : Show current wallet balance

bc_height : Show blockchain height

exit : Close wallet

export_keys : Show the secret keys of the opened wallet

help : Show help

incoming_transfers : Show incoming transfers

list_transfers : Show all known transfers

outgoing_transfers : Show outgoing transfers

password : Change password

payment_id : Generate random Payment ID

payments : payments <payment_id_1> [<payment_id_2> ... <payment_id_N>] - Show payments <payment_id_1>, ... <payment_id_N>

reset : Discard cache data and start synchronizing from the start

save : Save wallet synchronized data

set_log : set_log - Change current log level, is a number 0-4

show_seed : Get wallet recovery phrase (deterministic seed)

sweep_dust : Sweep unmixable dust

tracking_key : Show the tracking key of the opened wallet

transfer : transfer <mixin_count> <addr_1> <amount_1> [<addr_2> <amount_2> ... <addr_N> <amount_N>] [-p payment_id] [-f fee] - Transfer <amount_1>,... <amount_N> to <address_1>,... <address_N>, respectively. <mixin_count> is the number of transactions yours is indistinguishable from (from 0 to maximum available)


ParsiPay is the ParsiCoin (PARS) GUI Wallet.