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Feature Requests

To Do

  • Add admin interface for settings DB
    • Ensure that remoteUrl setting is valid? (Or redirect to / on error)
  • Allow clicking in checkbox itself in "manage" toggle button (currently double-toggles)
  • Allow multi-line messages
    • And/or change min block height for message-only tickets
  • Floating Performing button in manage interface when edit panel is off screen?
  • Edit existing performers (change names)
  • Allow user to perform two parts (currently cannot save)
  • Fix Z-index issue in manage page (screenshot)
    • Workaround for narrow screen - clear song search box after selecting song
  • Enable key controls
    • Arrows in search
    • Button tab order?
  • Use foreign keys in MySQL
  • Add "session" concept to allow multiple sessions to be stored in DB without reset
  • Rewrite the whole overcomplex mess in Angular (/+Symfony?)


  • Grey-out (?) RB4 indicator on Manage page when Keytar in use
  • Include instrument (rotate through icons)
  • Display band members rather than stored ticket title if available
  • Fix done / upcoming to be appropriate to that point
  • Duration data? - time left, estimated completion - per-ticket
  • Background image? - drop 'background.jpg' in 'www/local'
  • Letter dividers in name button list? | or M:
  • Proximity warning - highlight any performer repeats within 3 songs
  • Show ticket number AND position (include deleted in position - probably not, they'll be sorted to null)
  • Put "done" text in right place when clicking "Performing" button - removed for now
  • Get jshint to complain when I leave console logging in. Anyone knows how to fix this in .jshintrc, please tell me!
  • Edit existing tickets - modify performers, song
  • Update usage docs
  • Enable use of MySQL as a backend
    • Update startup docs to include MySQL setup / DB imports
  • Integrate simpleuser better (ensure all css etc is local)
  • "Processing" and "Error" indicators on management interface
  • Non-song tickets
    • Private and "blocks queue" options
  • Clearer display of when manage edit panel is editing existing rather than new ticket?
  • Display performers in instrument order on manage page
  • Remove song from ticket (can currently only replace)
  • Force title icon + title on manage tickets onto same line (span nowrap)
  • Add code tests
  • Put instrument parts on manage page in standard order
  • Add "platform" concept to replace temporary inRb3, inRb4 hack
  • Allow customisation of instrument selection, order, default usage
    • Eg for non-instrumental karaoke, possibly multiple vocal parts


  • Announcements on private list -- create a dedicated 'backstage' page (output only)?
  • Warn on duplicate submission - warns on song search for now
  • Total done/remaining indicator
  • Colour codes/patches for names? Bold Zeros?
  • Record ticket color?
  • Self-submission
    • Add note 'Firstname initial, please'
  • Make footers dynamic?
  • Flag any user with more than 5 performances