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Open-source version of our wedding website.

Note: this site was written under the sort of time pressure inherent in planning a wedding, and so is not the prettiest code around. This release is a result of stripping out all the personal information from the site as we made it live. It is not designed to be an out-of-the box solution for anyone, we're just making the code available in case it's useful to anyone with the required technical knowledge (largely because a surprising number of our friends seem to be getting married soon, too).

In particular:

  • Angular architecture is a bit off (some things should be directives, etc, that aren't)
  • Some things should be configuration settings that aren't
  • Result checking is not always 100%
  • There are no tests (which is a sign I was really in a rush!) - travis checks are just static code & build checks


  1. Create an empty DB
  2. Copy config/parameters.yml.dist to config/parameters.yml and edit
  3. Run ant deploy-current-dev

You'll need ant and composer installed to use this code. For other deployment tasks, run ant -p. The best way to work out what functionality is available is probably just to install the code and experiment. You'll need to give the first user you create ROLE_SUPER_ADMIN (see your local symfony expert for advice).

To use the code, you'll probably want to replace the banner image, search/replace the email addresses, search for "TODO"s, and add your own text on appropriate pages. A lot of this is obviously hard-coded to the way our own wedding ran and the options our venue provided.

You'll also need to get an auth token from to configure L.mapbox.accessToken at web/js/maps.js:23

While I can't provide formal support for this code, do feel free to drop me a line, open issues or create pull requests.


A wedding website written in Symfony and Angular






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